Check Me Out!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I managed to do it!

Thanks to my perseverance, now I can gladly harvest my fruits of effort! =P

Screw you, whoever-you-are, who looked down on me before!

Looking back at your pathetic attempts to belittle me, may I say "bah-ha-ha" now?

Aaaaaah, the sweetness of victory! 

I am looking forward to better my own record for the next breakthrough! 

Till then,

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things that I learnt....

The best time to know how reliable/supportive your friends are is on a travel.

Never be afraid to make a decision. There is never a wrong one. You just happen to have different view along the way. 

The easiest way to score good grades effortlessly is preparation from time to time. 

The key to happiness is doing the thing you love.

OOPS!!! Of course I don't mean having my dress blown away in public! 

Conquer your fear. Do no let it defeats you. 

Ok la...I know my fear of lighting a lighter is irrational. Anyway, I'm learning to overcome it. I can't let a lighter and Bunsen burner come in my way during lab sessions! 

And the last and most important thing...

Love conquers all! 

My idol, leader of Prince Lemon confessed his love for me in the public!!

Oba, I love you tooooooooo!!!! =P

Hey, day dreaming is great for boosting one's creativity k?