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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hams, Anyone?

is not the "HAM" I'm talking about.

is the "HAM" I'm talking about.

Have you ever seen it or hear of it?
    "Hams" is short form for amateur radio. 
There are two types or radio.


The word "amateur" reflects the principle that amateur radio and its skilled operators are committed to helping communities without financial compensation; whereas commercial radio operates for profit, as quoted in Wikipedia.
Amateur radio may be new in Malaysia.
However, according to Wikipedia, there are approximately six million people out there who are picking up this as their hobby for self-training, public services and recreational purposes!
How outdated are we when it comes to the field of technology? 
     For your information, this baby can provide us a channel to communicate with people who live a thousand miles away (or even further)!! You never know who you can reach on the other hand of receiver. All you need to do is just to tune in to the right frequency! It often proves as a great help whenever natural disasters strike and in many other ways! 
      Do not ever underestimate this baby. It may seems to be normal on outside. However, all our mobile phones and laptops technology come from this little thing right here!!

You've got to have a basic knowledge of radio technology, regulations and its operating principles in order to modulate it. It is illegal for you to own a ham without getting a license. There are two consequences for you to face: 
- Pay a heavy fine which is equivalent to the price of a Toyota Altis
- Jail for not more than 5 years or both at the same time

Ham is used for personal purpose or for studies instead of abuse it for earning a fortune.
This website gives a clearer explanation on Hams operation. 
 Without the invention of hams, imagine what the world would be now....

Ham radios know no boundaries and permits people to talk wireless and inexpensively.

Do I Have It?

There is always a thin line between "talented" and "not talented".

The first one had been drawn by a friend of mine while the second one is my piece of art. 

Which is nicer??

Do I have the artistic gene in me?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Found My Long Lost "Bro" at Rasamas!!

Have u guys heard of Rasamas??

Well, every Wednesday, there'll be a buffet style dinner at there from 6 to 9pm.

So I went to the restaurant with my boyfriend and Supia. It was actually my bf's suggestion. He had been in love with Rasamas dunno since when.....

This is the menu lo... ( Lame....)

We were served by a helpful waiter. Supia ordered some mushroom soup to drink. My bf was the only one who tried out the buffet. He was so happy with it since can refill for free! I ordered nothing though...

After a short while, food was served. The service damn efficient wey~!

Looks yummy right?? Actually the buffet only includes garlic bread, chicken wings, veggies, rice and carbonated drink. If you want mushroom soup, you've to pay for it. ^^

I got a little bored while waiting for them to finish eating. So, wu-liaoness starts kicking in.

I've always wanted be one of those food critic experts as shown on tv. Why not I give it a shot now?? Now, me Lemon a.k.a Vanessa will try my best to give u my review on this buffet!

Let's start with the veggie!

Mmmmmm!!! This long bean tasted just fine~! Ok, I know my eyes looked very small and puffy in this pic, anyway, it is out of the topic.

Okie, time to try out some of the garlic loaves!

God, shall I eat one or two? Dear God, I'm in a dilemma...

I decided to go with one...

Does this pose look familiar to you??



What about NOW??

Introducing Vanny and Kenny!!!

As usual, one is not enough for me.....

Decided to go for two in a row!!! Anyway, the bread itself very delicious! The butter melts in your mouth the moment you give it a bite!

It was too bad that we can't linger around for long. We had a college meeting to rush to at 9pm. After his second helping of food, he decided to call it a day.

Guess what?? With all these food, it only costs around 12 bucks!!


PS: I guess I make a pretty lousy food critics huh? Looks like the only vocab exists in my dictionary is "yummy", "fine" & "delicious".... Maybe I should just stick with engineering after all. SIGH....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just for laughs ;)

I was browsing through the web at random and came across a couple of cute pictures. Thought I'd like to share them with u guys. If they can speak for themselves, I imagine this is what they'll say...

Whut??? Wana pick a fight? I got me helmet reeady!!

 Dude!! Take it eazy!! I promize I will share my Friskies with eu!

After all these years, me still not gettin' used to da handsome cat in da the mirror~!

This is how a lemon kills herself/himself in chronic stress.... 

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Looooong Fever

You know you are so obsessed with the LG competition when the following symptoms appeared:

- You say...
   "That guy is so long o!"
    ....instead of "tall".

- You say...
   "I want a long piece of cake!"
   ....instead of "huge".

- You greet each other...
   "Eh, you finish your LG post liao?"
   ...instead of "how are you".

- You texted ur friend goodnight message...
   "Dun stay up too long lo, later panda eyes tmr!"
   ...instead of "late".

- Every now and then you keep checking other bloggers' latest updates on Innit, compare their posts with   

- In the middle of the class, you're busy scribbling down your sudden brainwave
  on what to add for your "why i like it longer" post instead of jotting down lecture notes.

- You dream of writing the LG post even when you're sleeping!

If you have two or more of the above symptoms, CONGRATS!!

You've been infected with the "loooong" fever pandemic.

Working on my LG entry ^^

I had a weird dream last night.

I dreamt that I completed my LG entry.

Perhaps that is a sign for me to start working on my LG entry eh?

Anyway, I just had a sudden brainwave on what I'm going to write. Wish me luck k?

Here is something I would like to share with you guys. I came across an interesting website when I was surfing the net yesterday. Well, this woman known as Dunstan had made an appearance on Oprah's show. She had unveiled the secret of baby language.

According to Dunstan, there are five universal words used by babies:

Neh                  I'm hungry.
Owh                 I'm sleepy.
Heh                  I'm experiencing discomfort.
Eairh                I've lower gas.
Eah                  I've gas.

Isn't it amazing?

Once upon a time, the only language that we did know and speak of was baby language. Wnen we grow up, somewhere along the time, we forget how to speak the language.

How nice would it be if we still remember it! 

At least on the job application form, we can always list down "baby language" as one of your strong suit under the section "language that you speak".

Would that add some credit? Perhaps.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Fastest Way to Increase Your Popularity in Blogosphere

Have you ever wonder why your blog is not as popular as the others?

Have you ever envy at other bloggers' capability to attract traffic to their blog?

Have you ever find yourself subconsciously wishing to gain fame and earn a fortune from blogging just like the other famous bloggers?

These are my suggestions:

One: Talk about S.E.X

No matter you agree or not, sex is still the topic people hit ENTER the most at Google search bar. I guess this is where FRJJ comes in. She is one of the internet legend. Well, don't get
me wrong. It is not like I've anything against her. I kind of envy her good fortune.

Two: Write a bimbo blog

Readers often find it interesting to browse through those pictures where girls are busy posing or showing off their new contact lenses, new nail colors, new clothes, new shoes......any other girls' stuffs. Unfortunately, this is not applicable to everyone. You gotta be pretty for qualification. Sadly, I'm not.

Third and the most efficient method: Post your nude photo!

I decided to take the lead by uploading a nude photo of mine.

I must admit that this decision is kinda hard for me.....

Oh my gawd, I hope my mum won't ever have chance to see this.....

Does this worth it for the sake of getting some traffic flocking in?


Here we go!

Come on la, what else do you expect???

PS: This is just one of the random thoughts that come across my mind. It is just for fun.

Saturday, January 23, 2010



   I was blurred by the shield of tears that covered my eyes. I held my slightly swollen cheek and glared furiously at the man in front of me. 

   "Get out!" There was the familiar alcohol odor as dad breathed right at my face.

   Mom curled up like a ball at a corner. Tears carved their way down her cheeks. She was left stripped half-naked on the floor. My heart felt agony to see her trembling visibly. Red marks of whips can be seen clearly on her shoulders and all over her body at visible spots. 

   "Hey you!Makes sure that damn kid stop crying before I keep him quiet forever!" I cowered as dad's sudden rage broke over me.

   I balled my fist and stared at the heartless man with a mixed expression of anger and hatred. However, mom 's eyes were looking at me pleadingly. Reluctantly, I went to baby's room and attended to my baby brother Nick, who was crying at the top of his lung.

   "Nick,be a good boy,ok?" I cooed the baby, hugged Nick lovingly to my chest. 

  Nick understood my words after all. He stopped crying, looked at me with his innocent eyes and babbled to me in his baby-ish language. My lips were parted for breath in a smile. Nick was the only comfort to mom and I ever since dad changed to the other person after his company downfall. He was a great dad. Stress had pushed him to the other side of personality which we wish we will never find out. 

   "Where do you keep all the money?" I peered through the door crevice and saw the devil's eyes glittered with malice as he moved one step closer towards mom.

   "You've spent them all on alcohols." Mom replied feebly, her eyes widened with fear.

   "Sorry, honey. I think a little lesson will do you some good. I do hate dishonest people." Dad staggered drunkenly towards the old wooden cupboard across the room. He pulled open the drawer with a jerk. He managed to spot a candle and a box of matches inside. There was a look of unmistakable triumph on his face.

   I felt a cold, plunging sensation in my stomach as I watched dad strike a match and lighted the candle. There was no use for me to scream for help as it was midnight and this was quite an isolated place. I prayed fervently, clung on to any thin scrap of hope.

   Dad held the candle which was crackled with flame merrily. Panic spread roaring to its fullest size. My heart was thumping violently against rib cage. Dad acted as if he had lost his mind.

   "Here I come," dad's excitement rose to its height as he staggered towards mom. It had all happened too fast. He tripped over an empty beer bottle on the floor. The candle fell out from his hand and rolled towards the flammable ragged curtains. In a split second, the curtains were caught on fire. The fire crackled joyfully into a song. It spread, swallowed up everything in sight greedily. Dad lied unconsciously on the floor after being knocked out.
Little warning bells were ringing furiously at the back of my mind. Time was running out for me. Hastily, I rushed out of the room with Nick cradled firmly in my left hand and covered my mouth with my other hand. The smoke thickened. I found I started panting heavily. I know I was going to have an asthma attack.
"Mom! Wake up!" I shook my mom's lifeless body violently.

   I had to make sure Nick, mom and I safe. Mom seemed to be completely oblivious to what was happening around her. I tried to help her stood up but in vain as she was too heavy for me, a ten-year-old kid to carry. There was no way for me to leave her alone. Nick stayed still in my arms. Maybe he had fallen asleep. I thought foolishly and watched in despair as my only way out of the house had been blocked by fire. I gasped for air. My hands still clutched tightly to mom's and Nick's. Sleepiness started to roll over me. My eyelids were getting heavier and heavier... 

  Heaven was just a door step away from us...

Ps: This is one of the piece of story I wrote back in form 4. That was the time I used to write a lot of stories with miserable endings. My "depression" era? Perhaps. Anway, I had edited this post. Hope you guys enjoy this!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Worst "Chiong-K" Experience

There is only one word that can describe my recent life: STRESS!  

As a result, I decided to flee~  

So here I am, standing right in front of a mini karaoke center at Giant Bukit Indah together with a friend of mine. I miss my Green Box time back in Klang with my buddies terribly! ( Btw, did I ever tell you that one of my hidden talent is singing?? Well, it is a fact and it has always been known publicly. )

The moment I stepped into the cubicle I was instructed to go to, I wowed at the modernly furnished room itself. Without any further adieu, I started to browse through the song collections excitedly. I used to think that I am technology savvy, well, I couldn't be more wrong! I found myself staring helplessly at the keyboard and kept pressing the keys at random frantically, trying to change the song selection to Chinese. After many fruitless attempts, I gave up. My friend went to ask for assistance from the guy at the counter. Oh man, it was damn embarrassing! 

The first song I chose was A Mei & Jam (张惠妹&萧敬腾) 一眼瞬间. I dunno why but I seem to fall in love with Jam recently. Of course what I meant is his voice lar!!! In my excitement, I kind of forget my friend's extreme enthusiasm whenever we go for a karaoke session. So I ended screaming the whole song at the top of my lungs in an attempt hoping to hear my voice over his loud booming voice. Although both of us were using microphones, somehow my voice was still pathetically feeble compared to him. I can't hear me at all!!! URGH! His voice is as loud as one's voice after being cast a "Sonorus" spell. ( Fyi, if you guys aren't familiar with Harry Potter, Sonorus is a spell where a wizard used to make his voice louder. )  

I thought this is my "Now".... The goddamn speaker volume suddenly increase tremendously! And I dunno how to turn it down. As a result, I can't hear my voice again.  

In the end, I am more stressed out than ever!  

This time, it comes from the side effect of enduring an extremely horrible singing that sounds like a cat got ran over by a lawn mower!

Lessons learnt today: 

1. Do not ever go out with a friend whose voice is louder than yours and tortures u with his or her mediocre singing. 
2. Make sure you know how to turn down the volume of the speakers. 
3. Visit a karaoke center that has a collection of F.I.R songs. Without F.I.R, it ain't complete.