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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another HK Restaurant!

When it comes to Hong Kong restaurants, I've always been a great fan of Kim Gary.

It has been a long time I do not visit Kim Gary ever since I study at Johor. The nearest Kim Gary restaurant is at City Square, about half an hour away from my university, assume there's no traffic jam. 

Damn!!! You guys have no idea how much I miss Kim Gary's cheese baked rice!!

So, I tried out this Hong Kong restaurant instead.

Anyway, there is something weird with the interior design of this restaurant.

I believe that we had heard of and familiar with Dumbo, the flying elephant. 

Or the magic flying carpet which Aladdin owns...

But, have you guys ever hear of the flying lamp??

Yes, you read it right, the flying L.A.M.P?

This is the proof I've seen one!

Geng mou? They even have to lock up the lamp inside a bird cage to prevent it from flying away! ><

Ooook, enough with the crap, back to my food review. =)

I ordered a set meal which costs me around 15 bucks. 

Cheese baked rice with fish fillet, mushroom soup and Yin Yong

and of course, not forgetting dessert!

Oops! There was supposed to be a scoop of ice-cream in each of the cup...

My bad. I should have snap photos the moment they are served!

Personally I enjoyed the mushroom soup thoroughly. It is very creamy and concentrate, unlike Pizza Hut's which is very fluid. This soup is one of the best mushroom soup I've ever drink aside from Campbell's!

The cheese baked rice is not as good as Kim Gary's. First of all, it doesn't look as presentable as Kim Gary's. Second, it is too large portion!! I can't finish it all by myself!! ( Customers nowadays are so hard to please huh? Small portion of food complain, big portion of food also complain.... >< ) Thus, the look spoils it all and even affects my taste buds. 

The Yin Yong is too sweet!! The most memorable Yin Yong I had is Kim Gary's. It is not sweet at all, in fact it tastes a little bitter. I like it that way. Too sweet not good for health ah....later get diabetes then how? ><

Overall, the food is not bad. 

Anyway, Kim Gary is still the best!

If Food & Tea restaurant appoint Raymond Lam as its spoke person, my say will be entirely different!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Man!

Oh man,this is getting way out of control!!

Fyi, this is what I found for my keywords for today ... 

I swear I'm innocent!!!!

I Wanna Be a Project Alpha TV Star!

Do you constantly find yourself wishing that you can be as lucky as Justin Bieber?

Do you always find it miserable since there is no place for you to shine your hidden talent?

Do you keep on feeling envy with those glamorous stars who always appeared on tv???

Do you think that you can be more popular than Edward Cullen if only if you had been given an equal chance to star in Twilight? 

I have got GOOD NEWS for you!!

Project Alpha is Malaysia first online show starring many aspiring local bloggers!

If you want to meet these famous bloggers and be one of the guests starring in Project Alpha season three, here is your precious golden ticket!

The door of opportunities have been opened up for you!

All you need to do is:


Now, it is time to get your creative gene moving!

You need to submit a video on why you think that you need to be part of Project Alpha.

Here is one of the sample for audition video.

( apologies...I dunno how to emb a video... )

Who knows you might be the next tv star!

Fame and popularity await!

Do not hesitate any longer!

Think hard to woo over the heart of juries!

Let's do it, shall we?

This might be your once in a lifetime experience!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS. Auditions are now open! Check it out at or


Due to my strong determination, I've lost one kg!!!

One freaking kg!!!!


Happily, I calculated my BMI...

And I found out that I'm a little underweight! 

Anyway, I won't be updating my blog for a short while. Final is approaching and I need to be well armed before stepping into battlefield. :P

Wish me luck ya! 

Friday, March 26, 2010

Tattoo = macho?

Tattoo can be cool.

It can be hot and sexy too.

A friend of mine asked," Why do guys always tattoo dragons, scorpions, spiders, Chinese or Japanese characters on themselves? Why not Hello Kitty or Winnie the Pooh?"

I answered," This is because they do not look cool on guys!"

Imagine you dating with a guy like this...

Introducing the modern Frankenstein! =P

Well, seriously, between....


and this...

....the answer is obvious, isn't it?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Diet

Day 1:

Economical rice for brunch ( Vege-based )

KFC mash potato (L) for tea time

Char Kuey Tiaw for dinner

Day 2:

Economical rice for brunch ( Again, no meat! )

Spaghetti and fries for dinner at SDS

Maggi cup (curry flavor) for supper

Today is day 3!

Oh god, how can I make it???

Monday, March 22, 2010

Lemon on Diet!!!!

That's it!!

I'm not going to McD, KFC, Pizza, any fast food restaurants for a day a year!

Horror strikes when I look at my reflection in the mirror!

I swear my face has grown rounder!!!!! 

I've to hold my breath to hide my bulging tummy in front of people.. 

I hate mirrors now....

I'm going on a diet!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm Going to the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair

When you're happy then you know to clap your hair~

Does it ring a bell?

How could one not remember the catchy Gatsby tv commercial?
Anyway, I've got good news for you people!

There'll be a Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair going on!

Date: 17th April 2010
Time: 10am till 5pm
Venue: Front Foyer, Ground Floor, Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur.

On the great day itself, there'll be lucky draws and many many more cool gadgets worth up to RM15,000 to win!

Who knows you may walk away as a big winner??

Besides lucky draw, there'll be a lot of exciting games on the same day!

Sumo wrestling in air bag suits!

Gladiator battle!

What are you waiting for?

Don't miss out the fun!

For more information, check this out!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Lappie is Sick!

I'm so sad!!!

My lappie is sick!!!!

As you can see, the light keeps blinking and the graphics keep on "vibrating."

I see everything in double, double recycle bins, double documents, double firefox, double shadows....

In fact, it is a miracle that I manage to blog in this condition! 

What on earth happened to my lappie???

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Need a Break~

I know I had not been updating my blog for a few days...

My life is fully occupied with testsssssssss!!!!

There are four tests for me on this week!

Most of the time, I feel like I'm a prisoner, trapped by mountains of books.... 

I wish I can escape...

How nice if I can have one to switch place with me!

...too bad it is just another crazy thought of mine~! ><

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Mysterious CCTV

Why does that CCTV has to be fixed in that position?

I wonder....

Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Much for Romance huh?!

I always find it romantic whenever a guy plays piano and sings love songs to his girlfriend.

This makes me started to "crave" for a musically inclined bf too.... ><

Well, what happened on today had changed my entire view on this!

I went to my college prom night. The most memorable performance to me would be the boy band. The boys performed and only one of them would sing. The lead singer dressed like a rock star. He attempted to sing in a sexy throaty voice like Rod Stewart but he failed miserably.

All I can hear from him is:

It is stooool....~~~~~
It is stoooool.....~~~~

After a short while, only then I realised that he meant "it is too"! 

No, I think I've to rephrase my requirement now.

I want a boyfriend who can sing super duper well!!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lemon's Place has Turn into a Porn Site?

I've always wonder how come my google adsense acount always required me to update my information.

While checking through my emails, I discovered this email from google...

Still puzzled, I went to check my analytics at nuffnang.

Surprisingly, this is what I get... blog has really turned into a porn site!

Although once in a blue moon I will have google ads right after I updated my adsense account and people do click on them, I don't even get a single pay out of it! All because of "unacceptable site content"!

Dang Google!!!!! 

I hate eeeeeu!!!!! 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Just Love Good Smelling People

I just love good smelling people.

Just imagine how awkward it is for you to be in these situations...

...when you're trapped in a lift full of people....there will be different types of ordours linger around the limited space. Some of them are heavily sprayed with perfumes, some are streaked with strong stench of perspiration.... All you can do is to hold your breath, mutter a silent curse with your bad luck and heave a great sigh of relief when you're out on your floor.

....caught a whip of foul malodor when your closed friends lean in towards you. Deep inside your mind, there'll be a great debate going on whether you should tell her/him that you are not comfortable... and your boyfriend gazing at each other passionately in the eyes during your moonlight stroll. Slowly you guys inched closer to each other. You close your eyes and braced for the magical moment that is about to come. All of a sudden, you smell a strong offensive stench coming off from his body..... The romance in the air has been punctured. You feel disgusted but couldn't bear to bring up the topic to the poor guy without hurting his feelings...

How shall one get rid of these problems?

This is when Adidas deodorant comes in!

Guys, make sure you wear this before going out for a date! =)

Smelling good definitely makes one more presentable!

You don't want to get caught smelling bad while hooking up with one of the cute girls in the pub, don't you? ;)

Girls, do bear in mind that spraying yourself excessively with perfumes are a no no. 

How to smell good and not going overboard at the same time?

This will be just the right thing for you!

What are you waiting for?

Go and grab one of them!

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS

Kiss the Rain

Beautiful song for sharing~

This song is composed and played by a Korean pianist, Yiruma.

When I am listening to the song, I visualised a girl standing in front of a window, looking at the pouring rain out there. The pitter-patter sound of raindrops form their own rhythm... There is nothing she can do to cure how terribly her heart goes out to him. All she can do is to kiss the rain...

Why 24 hours Car Wash Centers are on Great Demand?

Car wash centers seem to be on great demand in Skudai.

There are plenty of 24 hours cash wash centers nearby my university.

I always wander who on earth would wash their cars at the middle of the night?

I've got a very extraordinary answer from a friend of mine, Supia. She said," Many people "gao yeh" (gao yeh refers to coitus) in car. So they need to wash their car to clean it lo! "

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do You Believe in Karma?

Today I'm going to share with you guys an inspiring short story I had read.

It was supposed to be the happiest day for him. 

It was his wedding day with Beth.

However, Beth had ran away with another man right before the wedding ceremony. 

How could she do this to him?

Out of great despair, he decided to ask the wisest monk who lived in a temple on top of a mountain.

"How could she leave me in despair? How could she betray me?" He asked the monk.

"Young man, in your previous life, you came across a naked female body in the wild. You had covered her with a blanket and continued your journey. Right after you, there was another man who found the dead body. He was the one who had buried her. In this life, she had been with you to repay your kindness. However, the man she ran away with is the same man who had buried her in previous life. This is karma."

This story had made me realise a thing:

All things happened for a reason. 

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


It is all over.

It had been a year and a half I had been with him.

Things ended badly.

I wonder what love is if love involves hurting the one you claimed to love?

I can't sleep.

Who can save me from this great despair?

Monday, March 08, 2010

Love is...?

Doesn't it change your entire view on love huh?

Friday, March 05, 2010

My Hair Woes

I always find myself wishing that my hair will look as great as these celebrities...

Megan Fox's wavy hair with natural bounces

Taylor Swift's lovely locks

Thus, I ended up as one of the big contributors to hair saloons around my university.

I dyed my hair.

Straightened it....

Permed it curly....

And straightened it back....

Now I even bought hair extensions to satisfy my desire of having waist length hair..... ><

I am hair-obsessed.

As a result, regular styling of my hair causes my hair to have split ends and my hair looks as dry as....


To make it worse, it tends to break easily too....


What can I do to make it better???

Thursday, March 04, 2010


I'm suffering from a tremendous headache when I'm typing out this post...

Dilemma. Lost.

I feel myself losing the person in front of me.

It is like I don't know the person at all....

Maybe I'm the one who had changed... I've no idea.

I find myself hoping that things will get back to the past.

I wish time machines are for real.

Perhaps that person really cares for me a lot....

However, I do not agree with the methods he used.

I find my heart sinks when he voiced out all those stuffs to me.

I've no idea he'll say stuffs like this.

I feel low self-esteem...

How could he can't understand what I'm talking about?

I believe that I've explained to him from time to time...

Maybe they're not the answers he expected.

When is the right time to put an end to "second chance"?


I need to quit my obsession to internet!!!!

I'm with my lappie 24/7...well, if you leave out sleeping time, meal time...... ><

The best part is I never wear my specs whenever I use lappie....

As a result, my eye power increases!!!!!! @.@

Gosh, I can't even read the sushi price board which has been hang on Sushi King wall!

Yes, even when I'm wearing my specs...

I see things in a bluuuuuuur~~


Hopefully I can find my way to the right toilet..... 

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Parcel from Ireland

I am so surprised when my mum told me that there's a parcel from Ireland which is addressed to me! ( I stay in hostel at the moment...)

Guess what? My bestie had sent me a book. It is an autobiography of Westlife. OMG! I'm so thrilled and can't wait to read it!

I'm a fanatic of Westlife. The moment I got to know that she will be further her studies at Ireland, I've been pestering her to get for me Westlife first album since mine had been spoiled when I lent it to a friend of mine. I've been looking for it everywhere but couldn't find it. ><  So, I think," hey, what would be the better place to look for it than Ireland?"

I feel touched to know that she still remembers my obsession to Westlife.

This is the beauty of friendship.

For me, this parcel not only delivers the book, it warms my heart too.

Thank you so much!!! I'll treasure the book well enough!! ^^