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Monday, March 15, 2010

Too Much for Romance huh?!

I always find it romantic whenever a guy plays piano and sings love songs to his girlfriend.

This makes me started to "crave" for a musically inclined bf too.... ><

Well, what happened on today had changed my entire view on this!

I went to my college prom night. The most memorable performance to me would be the boy band. The boys performed and only one of them would sing. The lead singer dressed like a rock star. He attempted to sing in a sexy throaty voice like Rod Stewart but he failed miserably.

All I can hear from him is:

It is stooool....~~~~~
It is stoooool.....~~~~

After a short while, only then I realised that he meant "it is too"! 

No, I think I've to rephrase my requirement now.

I want a boyfriend who can sing super duper well!!!


w3ndee said...

Don't worry! you will find the one, soon! :)

JENIE said...

i can't say I would encourage you to. maybe, it's best that you wish for "the right one".

i used to have a vocalist for a BF. he's much to popular to the opposite sex giving me stress in trying to stop them from stealing him away or to trying always to better them for fear of them succeeding. well, it's too tiring honestly.

so, i'd rather that "the right one for me" comes along ;)

Nikel Khor said...

train ur bf as well la..ekeke

from Nikel Khor

Lemon said...

W3ndee: Lol, thanks!

Jenie: After read your comment, I think now I prefer "the right one" better! =) Dun worry, I believe somewhere out there, your Mr.Right will be waiting for you.

Nikel: Train him? Lol. He is human, not my pet la... ><

Ieeko. said...

Hey there :)

Elaine said...

send ur bf 2 vocal classes. XP