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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another HK Restaurant!

When it comes to Hong Kong restaurants, I've always been a great fan of Kim Gary.

It has been a long time I do not visit Kim Gary ever since I study at Johor. The nearest Kim Gary restaurant is at City Square, about half an hour away from my university, assume there's no traffic jam. 

Damn!!! You guys have no idea how much I miss Kim Gary's cheese baked rice!!

So, I tried out this Hong Kong restaurant instead.

Anyway, there is something weird with the interior design of this restaurant.

I believe that we had heard of and familiar with Dumbo, the flying elephant. 

Or the magic flying carpet which Aladdin owns...

But, have you guys ever hear of the flying lamp??

Yes, you read it right, the flying L.A.M.P?

This is the proof I've seen one!

Geng mou? They even have to lock up the lamp inside a bird cage to prevent it from flying away! ><

Ooook, enough with the crap, back to my food review. =)

I ordered a set meal which costs me around 15 bucks. 

Cheese baked rice with fish fillet, mushroom soup and Yin Yong

and of course, not forgetting dessert!

Oops! There was supposed to be a scoop of ice-cream in each of the cup...

My bad. I should have snap photos the moment they are served!

Personally I enjoyed the mushroom soup thoroughly. It is very creamy and concentrate, unlike Pizza Hut's which is very fluid. This soup is one of the best mushroom soup I've ever drink aside from Campbell's!

The cheese baked rice is not as good as Kim Gary's. First of all, it doesn't look as presentable as Kim Gary's. Second, it is too large portion!! I can't finish it all by myself!! ( Customers nowadays are so hard to please huh? Small portion of food complain, big portion of food also complain.... >< ) Thus, the look spoils it all and even affects my taste buds. 

The Yin Yong is too sweet!! The most memorable Yin Yong I had is Kim Gary's. It is not sweet at all, in fact it tastes a little bitter. I like it that way. Too sweet not good for health ah....later get diabetes then how? ><

Overall, the food is not bad. 

Anyway, Kim Gary is still the best!

If Food & Tea restaurant appoint Raymond Lam as its spoke person, my say will be entirely different!

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