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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Fake cosmetics!!!

If you ask me what is my favorite cosmetics products, I would have say "MAC" without any hesitation.

MAC is awesome!!!

Personally, I love this new collection from MAC. It is known as Give Me Liberty of London.

The model looks so cool huh?

The collection is so colorful! Look at its packaging! Girls, don't you just love it?

Even our beloved Lady Gaga has become one of the spoke person for MAC Viva Glam campaign!

MAC had formed its own organisation to raise funds for AIDS since 1994. Every single profit earned from selling Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glass will be going straight to the fund throughout the month of March. How cool is it for one to buy a lipstick and do charity at the same time?

Anyway, Gaga had been involved in a photo shoot for Hello Kitty 35th anniversary celebration. I find it kinda weird to imagine Gaga with Hello Kitty. Their images are totally different k? As usual, Gaga manages to pull off any style!

Imagine how upset I am when I find out the market is overflowing with tonnes and tonnes of MAC replicas! There are even some shops claiming unabashedly that they sell real products!

It is like an insult to MAC...

Their packaging is exactly the same as the real MAC. The only difference is every faithful MAC supporters know deep in their hearts that they are not real. We can spot the difference.

The worst thing is most of those pirated cosmetics contain urine in it! 

Why would anyone buy them? 

Is it for the sake of owning a "branded" cosmetics at much cheaper price?

They're not even good for one's skin!


.::WaNiE::. said...

i dont wear fake cosmetic..i dont really wear cosmetic actually lol

but i know that fake mac contain urine in it..

Victor Tan said...

Business is getting unethical day by day. And ya, I hate Gaga's fashion. Try researching more about Gaga's fashion and style and you'll see a meaning behind her image.


aww,i love their poster :) so nice!