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Monday, April 26, 2010

Demigod Addicton

I know I've been abandoning this blog for a couple of weeks.

Well, this is the culprit behind the reason why I don't have time to update!

I'm so addicted to Percy Jackson series!

In fact, I think it is far more awesome than Harry Potter series! For me, Harry Potter storyline gets more and more boring each book. It is like Rowling is trying to make the story spins longer...I don't understand why everyone is so intrigued with the fact that Dumbledore is a gay? However, Rowling managed to wow me again with her last book of the sequel. I like the way she described death. The storyline for Percy Jackson gets more and more gripping in the other hand. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter! I score full marks on every online Harry Potter quiz k? 

How many authors can manage to describe Greek Gods as lively as Rick Riordan? His imagination truly amaze me! I find it hard to put down the book once I've start to read the first page. I know there are some people who are confused with Perseus Jackson's parentage. Well, if you've read book 2 of the series, the Percy Jackson is not the same as the other Perseus Jackson which is the son of Zeus( Remember the movie Clash of the Titans? ). In fact, Percy Jackson had been named after him so that he can be as lucky as the son of Zeus and survive from the clutches of monsters. 

Well, all I can say is if you're into reading and love fantasy, you shouldn't have miss Percy Jackson series! 

Gotta ciao!

Can't wait to read finish The Last Olympian soon! 


jia jun said...

bring them back!
bring them back!
bring them back!

Lemon said...

Bro, dun kacau here!

Su Khi said...

eh is it a ebook?

Lemon said...

Su Khi: You can download these books at
Just search the book titles over there.

Hopefully I'm not violating any law by sharing the download link here! Haha.

Su Khi said...

thx, i dl all of them already. waiting for finals to finish b4 start reading.