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Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

Internet means a lot to me.

I need it to check my facebook messages, play skype with friends, msn-ing with cute guys, download Hong Kong drama series and most importantly play my RESTAURANT CITY!!!

Imagine how troublesome it would be for me if I can only use cable to access to network? 

I feel as if I am grounding myself in my hostel room, accompanying my beloved laptop 24/7... 

However, if I use this baby, life will be much simpler!

Not only I can facebook anywhere, I even have an awesome connection compared to the lousy WiFi service at my university. =(

I can online at beach, happily sipping my cup of tequila and have the music of nature surrounding me ...

When I'm eating my bowl of noodles at restaurant, I won't miss out the latest tweets by my friends too. 

If I have to answer my nature call, I can even bring my laptop along, you know, kill some time. I can water my Restaurant City plants while waiting for my emm business to finish.

Wiggy provides us the fastest wireless connection and allows us to have a glimpse of future technology.

With fast connection in hand, one can even catch up with the latest episode of Project Alpha without having to go through the pain of waiting for the video to load. 

May God bless Wiggy. =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.


mICHaeL said...

hahaz.. may God bless Wiggy pula.. =="

.::WaNiE::. said...

lol funny entry though