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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Male & Female Brain!

Here is something for sharing with you guys~ ^^

*Credit to jwu126.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why Do Men Like Boobs?

Men like boobs.

Universal fact.

I always find it hard to understand why men are so attracted to them?

Thus, I decided to ask an internet friend of mine.

Me: Why do you like boobs?

He: Ooooh, because they're so comfy, just like cushions, nice to see and nicer to lie on....blablabla *censored*

Me: Hmmmm..... Would you put it as your gf requirement?

He: When I fell in love with my ex, it was "boobs at first sight". 

Me: Why do you find them so appealing?

He: It is more like a nostalgic kind of feeling....reminds me of those days when my mum breastfeeding me.

Me: Ok.....thanks for your opinion... @.@

What do you think about it?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Going Ginseng~

Spotted anything weird yet??

Well, if you press your nose closely to the screen, you can see a big ginseng inside the shower foam container! ( I highly doubt you'll have any difficulty in spotting it since the photo is big enough right? ^^ )

I'm not sure whether the ginseng is real.... However, to me, it looks like and smells like one! =D

Perhaps in the near future, we might get to have our very own abalone shower foam too eh? 

Anyone up for trying?

Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm so obsessed with this game recently.

The Bookworm Adventure!

It is pretty interesting. The background of the game are based on mythical Greek characters like Harpies, Banshee, Centaurs.....and so on. Lex is a bookworm that assigned to save Cassandra who was held as a prisoner. At each place, Lex will encounter different types of beast. In order to defeat them, Lex gotta comes up with words based on the letters given. The longer the word, the quicker it defeats the beast. 

I managed to reach the final level in half a day time!

As you can see,this is my progress...

I'm dying soon!!! 

Dang that stupid basilisk! 

Well, when I was playing, my bf joined along.

He: Got such word as "faux" ah? ( I was fighting a lymniad at the moment. )

Me: Got. It is french.

He: Can you show me the meaning of the word in a sentence?

Me: Mariah Carey's boobs are faux.

He: *speechless*

PS: Dun get me wrong, I dun have anything against MC. In fact, she is one of my favourite singer! ^^ This is just for laughs! 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Behold Your Eyes!

After 12 hours of starving, I got to have my breakfast+lunch+dinner finally at 2130 hour! 

Everything looks delicious to me when I'm in great hunger! 

When I was busy gobbling down my food, I sensed that my bf kept staring at me.

Out of curiosity, I asked him whether there is anything that troubled him.

Well, this is how he replied...

" You told me once if a guy keeps staring at a girl, it means that he likes her. That's why I'm staring at you."

Ok baby, I think you've got the wrong way round!

That is creepy..... 

A passionate and intense eyes-locking moment should be like this...

or like this

aaaaand this!

Oops!! Sorry, wrong pic!

Get it?

Body language may convey your feelings to each other better than verbal. 

However, inappropriate body language at the wrong timing may make you look like this....


This is when things go wrong....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Want One of These, Can?

If human cloning were legalized, I would have order a dozen of these!

The hottest and sexiest guy on the planet!

Aaaaaaw, the cute guy from the hit Korean drama series, Boys Over Flowers!

My dream guy, Raymond Lam!

Another gorgeous Korean actor!

How nice if human cloning were legalized....

Monday, February 15, 2010

I hate CNY!!!!!

I hate CNY!!

No chinese restaurants open during CNY!!!

I've no chinese food to eat.... 

I've to make a tough choice between Pizza Hut, KFC, McD, Sushi King and Secret Recipe...

I'm so damn sick of fast food wey!!

This is my first time going through CNY alone... (I did not go back home.)

Hostel is eerily quiet. Everybody has go back. The only residents left are those Arabs. Urgh! Mind you, I'm not being racist. They gave me very bad impression.... 

Let me tell you why....

There was once this Arab guy, he had been staring at me for an hour in the library. I was there with my bf and noticed there was this man who can't take his eyes off me. We were working on our assignments with library computers. I felt bored and decided to check out my facebook. So I walked to the other row of computers and surf the internet. As soon as I left him, that creepy Arab guy approached me. He intruded my social proxemic by keeping a distance from me which I would have defined as "intimate". He stood there with an arm around my chair! IN THE LIBRARY!!! God damn it!! His armpit stinks like hell man!! He is sturdily build and looked like an "apek" in his mid 30s. 

Apek: Hi

Me: Hi

Apek: Are you a chinese?

Me: Yea? ( So what if I were NOT a chinese? )

Apek: May I know which faculty and year are you in? ( At this moment, he was leaning so damn close to me and I had to inch backwards away from him...)

Me: I'm from faculty of electrical engineering. Second year this year.

Apek: Actually, I like you. Can we be friends?

Me: No?

Apek: No?

Me: Yes, NO!

He left the library immediately, damn pissed off with his failure. What did he expect??? I jumped up and down excitedly and squealed "Oh, I like you too???" SIAO!!! Come on la... I bet this is just another desperate attempt he used to get the Malaysian citizenship! 

There is something creepy going on at my wing. I swear that I heard tap water running and someone flushing the toilet at broad daylight. Too bad I've no guts to check it out. However, I had observed that all of the rooms appeared to be unoccupied as there are no lights switched on at night. Scary right? I even went as far as observed the shoes and slippers placed in front of each room. If there were someone, shoe patterns would have been different each time they wear it and leave it outside before go inside their room. I had discovered nothing out of ordinary..... 

Man, how am I going to survive another 3 days alone? ><

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Just as any other girl, I love to take a bite on sinfully delicious chocolates. Some say, chocolate is a girl's best friend. It is indeed a heavenly delight to place one cube of chocolate into your mouth and feel it melts on the tip of your tongue. This is quite a happy and luxurious indulgence that one could have ever ask for! 

However, when I consume too much chocolate, feelings of guilt would start to sweep off my feet. The aftermath of having too much chocolates cause me to have more calories and the needle at my analog weighing scale will move towards the right. Furthermore, my bulging tummy will be blocking me from getting a good view of my feet. This is the time when I start to loathe chocolates! URGH!!!  

Here is when LG Chocolate BL40 comes in! 

This baby is a life saver!! 

Look closely people, this is not just an any other phone. Nowadays, phones are not just merely for communication. Why ask for less, when you can have more? This is why LG Chocolate BL40 becomes a star at the What Mobile Awards ceremony in London. This achievement marks a milestone for LG company as What Mobile is an influential consumer mobile phone magazine in U.K. Not to mention that this baby has won many other prestigious awards!

Why do I like "chocolate touch"?

First of all, the curved touch screen glass itself is tempered. This means by any chance, a clumsy person like me breaks the glass by accident ( CHOI! ), it'll only shatter into tiny oval shaped like pebbles instead of sharp edges when broken. You see, LG actually concerns for your safety. This glossy black metallic phone with red at the top and bottom of a phone together with silver trim at the side is handsome looking. You want proof? Its design won the Mobile Choice Most Stylish Phone awards k? On the plus side, you can even get a designer case to match the league of this supermodel phone! Yeap, for free!

A 4 inch long screen promises a brand new surfing experience. I bet all of us have been suffering from the super tiny ant-like font and pictures whenever we surf the web by phone. The worst part is we have to keep scrolling down every nano second as we can't get a good full view of the page! This spells "troublesome" to me. As a result, this is how you'll look like after few hours...

Neck cramp!

 ....from fruitless attempts to get a better view of mini webpages

and squint eyes!

Now, technology permits us to have a complete web display! Ain't that awesome? HSDPA data speed a.k.a 3.5 technology and wifi service add credit to it. Theoretically, one can achieve the data transmission speed of 8 to 10 Mbps! You can watch online videos and listen to online songs happily without any complaints. It behaves as good as a mini laptop! If you ever come across any important detail, just a simple touch enables copy and paste the content onto text messages or scheduler. 

Longer phone comes with better theater like experience! 16:9 display ratio of high definition LCD can be adjusted to 2:35:1 cinematic view. I had went to LG store to check out the panoramic entertainment as assured. The pictures are so realistic and 3D like! If I watch Ju-On with it, the ghost will look so vivid till I'll pee right in my pants! Pretty amazing! The best thing is it is a portable mini cinema and much more lighter in weight in comparison to laptop or plasma television. The quality is just as well as laptop or way more better! This feature enhances camera viewfinder. Photo taking and browsing photos at photo gallery are way more fun with five mega pixel camera phone! Who needs a laptop when you've chocolate touch?  

What makes Chocolate touch stands out is its dual screen UI feature. The screen can be split into two and shows two menu items at the same time. For example, your inbox on the left and the content of text message on the right. This is extremely cool. It won't cause any hassle as you can read everything in a single view. When you turn it horizontally, you will be able to type out text messages or emails easily with the spacious and large QWERTY keypad. Even if you have big fingers, fret not, I'm sure it is spacious enough for you to type as swift as you can get. Well, benefit of a longer phone huh! 


Now I'm allowed to have chocolate everyday without any guilt! 

No more worries on weight gaining! =D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Walao e!

I guess this car owner really owns the road!

The fella parked right at the middle of the road when there are many vacant parking spaces around!!

Tell me, where are the traffic police when you need them?

At this area, the traffic police and MPJ authorities are like so damn hardworking patrolling the streets waiting for their chance to pounce on any potential victim issue summons to drivers at fault.

There was once I kena saman at 5.36 pm! Can you believe it?? I thought I would be safe since there was only 29 minutes left to 6.... Well, I ended up paying a fine of 15 bucks, after asking for a discount.

That was when I learned my painful lessons that traffic police at Johor are very committed to their job.

This car owner must be damn lucky

She got away unharmed. (Turns out to be a female after all!)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Shopping Spree

I know it is kinda late for me to post this


I still want to brag about my shopping spree!



I am the proud owner of Paris (YSL) and Dolly Girl (Anna Sui)! The best part is I own them at a much much much CHEAPER price!

Paris (blue bottle) and Dolly Girl (Pink)

Personally, I prefer Paris as its scent is lighter than Dolly Girl. For me, I find that Paris can last whole day long!

Mon, Wed, Fri and Sunday are Paris Day!
Tue, Thurs and Sat are Dolly Girl Day!


What is this? 
New brand of condom?

I bought a bronzer from the Balm. As you can see, the picture at the case itself is so seductive wey!! It can be easily mistaken as condom. Lolx.

I had tried it on myself. It really does make a difference. After applying the bronzing powder on my jawline, it makes my face looks much smaller! I love it! One can also brush some bronzing powder at the sides of her nose to create an illusion of taller nose. Girls, bronzer can help us to enhance our assets too! (ehem...) Trust me, they look much bigger after the help of bronzer! 

Fyi, the founder of the Balm series created her line of cosmetics in her own kitchen! This makes me start to think... Should I have my own line of cosmetics too! Hmm... shall I name it after "Lemon"? Any suggestion? 


I love the Elianto nail color remover.


The bottle is purple.
I like purple.
It has a very sweet fragrance! Yeap, grape fragrance. I almost tempted to 
drink it! 


This gorgeous dress was spotted at Sutera Mall.

Awwww, it was love at first sight...

My bf was sweet enough and bought it for me.

The only downside of this dress is the cutting too low la.

I need some external support!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Nac Ouy Eard Hits?

Nac ouy eard hits?

Fi oyu nac, ouy rea ervy mrast!

The text shown above is neither gibberish...

...nor some secret codes...

Can you read it?


Try again.

One of the method for speed reading is to read the first and the last letter of a word. As long as the first and last letter are in place, our brain will automatically put the missing piece into the puzzle and able to understand it. 

It is interesting that how we may find it hard to picture the word when the letters have been scrambled at random and the first and last letter are not at the right places.

This is the reason why I sucks at Facebook "Word Challenge".