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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why I Like It Longer

Just as any other girl, I love to take a bite on sinfully delicious chocolates. Some say, chocolate is a girl's best friend. It is indeed a heavenly delight to place one cube of chocolate into your mouth and feel it melts on the tip of your tongue. This is quite a happy and luxurious indulgence that one could have ever ask for! 

However, when I consume too much chocolate, feelings of guilt would start to sweep off my feet. The aftermath of having too much chocolates cause me to have more calories and the needle at my analog weighing scale will move towards the right. Furthermore, my bulging tummy will be blocking me from getting a good view of my feet. This is the time when I start to loathe chocolates! URGH!!!  

Here is when LG Chocolate BL40 comes in! 

This baby is a life saver!! 

Look closely people, this is not just an any other phone. Nowadays, phones are not just merely for communication. Why ask for less, when you can have more? This is why LG Chocolate BL40 becomes a star at the What Mobile Awards ceremony in London. This achievement marks a milestone for LG company as What Mobile is an influential consumer mobile phone magazine in U.K. Not to mention that this baby has won many other prestigious awards!

Why do I like "chocolate touch"?

First of all, the curved touch screen glass itself is tempered. This means by any chance, a clumsy person like me breaks the glass by accident ( CHOI! ), it'll only shatter into tiny oval shaped like pebbles instead of sharp edges when broken. You see, LG actually concerns for your safety. This glossy black metallic phone with red at the top and bottom of a phone together with silver trim at the side is handsome looking. You want proof? Its design won the Mobile Choice Most Stylish Phone awards k? On the plus side, you can even get a designer case to match the league of this supermodel phone! Yeap, for free!

A 4 inch long screen promises a brand new surfing experience. I bet all of us have been suffering from the super tiny ant-like font and pictures whenever we surf the web by phone. The worst part is we have to keep scrolling down every nano second as we can't get a good full view of the page! This spells "troublesome" to me. As a result, this is how you'll look like after few hours...

Neck cramp!

 ....from fruitless attempts to get a better view of mini webpages

and squint eyes!

Now, technology permits us to have a complete web display! Ain't that awesome? HSDPA data speed a.k.a 3.5 technology and wifi service add credit to it. Theoretically, one can achieve the data transmission speed of 8 to 10 Mbps! You can watch online videos and listen to online songs happily without any complaints. It behaves as good as a mini laptop! If you ever come across any important detail, just a simple touch enables copy and paste the content onto text messages or scheduler. 

Longer phone comes with better theater like experience! 16:9 display ratio of high definition LCD can be adjusted to 2:35:1 cinematic view. I had went to LG store to check out the panoramic entertainment as assured. The pictures are so realistic and 3D like! If I watch Ju-On with it, the ghost will look so vivid till I'll pee right in my pants! Pretty amazing! The best thing is it is a portable mini cinema and much more lighter in weight in comparison to laptop or plasma television. The quality is just as well as laptop or way more better! This feature enhances camera viewfinder. Photo taking and browsing photos at photo gallery are way more fun with five mega pixel camera phone! Who needs a laptop when you've chocolate touch?  

What makes Chocolate touch stands out is its dual screen UI feature. The screen can be split into two and shows two menu items at the same time. For example, your inbox on the left and the content of text message on the right. This is extremely cool. It won't cause any hassle as you can read everything in a single view. When you turn it horizontally, you will be able to type out text messages or emails easily with the spacious and large QWERTY keypad. Even if you have big fingers, fret not, I'm sure it is spacious enough for you to type as swift as you can get. Well, benefit of a longer phone huh! 


Now I'm allowed to have chocolate everyday without any guilt! 

No more worries on weight gaining! =D