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Friday, February 12, 2010

Walao e!

I guess this car owner really owns the road!

The fella parked right at the middle of the road when there are many vacant parking spaces around!!

Tell me, where are the traffic police when you need them?

At this area, the traffic police and MPJ authorities are like so damn hardworking patrolling the streets waiting for their chance to pounce on any potential victim issue summons to drivers at fault.

There was once I kena saman at 5.36 pm! Can you believe it?? I thought I would be safe since there was only 29 minutes left to 6.... Well, I ended up paying a fine of 15 bucks, after asking for a discount.

That was when I learned my painful lessons that traffic police at Johor are very committed to their job.

This car owner must be damn lucky

She got away unharmed. (Turns out to be a female after all!)


Jake Hays said...

Haahaha, that's pretty funny, he thinks he's the 'king of the road'. nice park by the way lol

HenRy LeE ® said...

haha... like what he have heard... her father's road ar?

Himmat Singh said...

LOLZ....smack in the middle of the road like that?

Victor Tan said...

this is too much weiii

Kaito said...

this is too much...he think he own the road....