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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I'm so obsessed with this game recently.

The Bookworm Adventure!

It is pretty interesting. The background of the game are based on mythical Greek characters like Harpies, Banshee, Centaurs.....and so on. Lex is a bookworm that assigned to save Cassandra who was held as a prisoner. At each place, Lex will encounter different types of beast. In order to defeat them, Lex gotta comes up with words based on the letters given. The longer the word, the quicker it defeats the beast. 

I managed to reach the final level in half a day time!

As you can see,this is my progress...

I'm dying soon!!! 

Dang that stupid basilisk! 

Well, when I was playing, my bf joined along.

He: Got such word as "faux" ah? ( I was fighting a lymniad at the moment. )

Me: Got. It is french.

He: Can you show me the meaning of the word in a sentence?

Me: Mariah Carey's boobs are faux.

He: *speechless*

PS: Dun get me wrong, I dun have anything against MC. In fact, she is one of my favourite singer! ^^ This is just for laughs! 

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