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Tuesday, December 14, 2010



I managed to do it!

Thanks to my perseverance, now I can gladly harvest my fruits of effort! =P

Screw you, whoever-you-are, who looked down on me before!

Looking back at your pathetic attempts to belittle me, may I say "bah-ha-ha" now?

Aaaaaah, the sweetness of victory! 

I am looking forward to better my own record for the next breakthrough! 

Till then,

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Things that I learnt....

The best time to know how reliable/supportive your friends are is on a travel.

Never be afraid to make a decision. There is never a wrong one. You just happen to have different view along the way. 

The easiest way to score good grades effortlessly is preparation from time to time. 

The key to happiness is doing the thing you love.

OOPS!!! Of course I don't mean having my dress blown away in public! 

Conquer your fear. Do no let it defeats you. 

Ok la...I know my fear of lighting a lighter is irrational. Anyway, I'm learning to overcome it. I can't let a lighter and Bunsen burner come in my way during lab sessions! 

And the last and most important thing...

Love conquers all! 

My idol, leader of Prince Lemon confessed his love for me in the public!!

Oba, I love you tooooooooo!!!! =P

Hey, day dreaming is great for boosting one's creativity k?

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

If I Had Rapunzel’s Hair

I have always long to have beautiful long hair since I was a kid. 

Little did I know long hair needs a lot of time and effort taking care of it!

Conditioning, applying cream, blowing dry, spraying hair cologne.....

The same ritual goes on and on every single day! 

All for the sake of hoping my hair will grow healthily and at a faster pace...

And yet....

This is what happened over the years....

Even with the help of hair extensions, my hair is nowhere around 2 inch! 

There are times I find myself wishing fervently that I can have that 70 feet long of magical golden hair in a blink of an eye!

There are a lot of things I want to do if I have it....

I can be the next spider-woman and make headlines everywhere! There are no more disgusting spidey webs involve. My beautiful hair allows me to cling on to surfaces and swing myself from here and there. Goodbye to those dreadful traffic jam days! 

Hah! I bet Lady Gaga couldn't even beat me in the bizarre fashion category! Her meat dress is nothing compared to my beautiful blond hair dress which is made from my own hair! Yes, my hair can be part of my dressing! It defines the word "fashion" in a completely different way! Score one to me! 

Why wasted the chance when I can use my hair as an added weapon to flaunt my feminine charm on guys? Batting my long eyelashes unabashedly and making sure that I flash the sweetest smile towards the lads...well, even the hottest guy would stay entranced! 

Worry not being able to complete task ahead of time? Too many things to do and yet not having sufficient time? Fret not, now I have my hair to lighten up my burden! It is like I have two...three or even four extra hands for me to multi-task! The best thing about owning a magical hair is it has its own mind. Thus, it can operate independently without me giving instructions from time to time. 

I can even go for an adventurous expedition! My seventy feet long hair will help me to conquer the Mount Everest quicker than any experienced mountain climbers! I need not worry about getting frozen to death since my hair can keep me warm as good as any Pashmina shawl. Guinness Book of World Records may save a spot for my name now. Perhaps I can consider taking up Parkour too. 

The more i think of it, the more i find that having an extremely long hair is a must

Let the Project Hairaway begins!!!


"We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the darkness."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat? =D

So have you decide who are you going to dress up as tonight?

Well, if you ask me, the best candidate would be Lady Gaga!

These are the reasons why she standout among hoards of ancient mummies, vicious vampires and hideous zombies:

First and foremost, how could one forget her infamous meat dress?

To top it off, she even has the legendary fashion guru, mummy to back her up!

Unlike vampires who choose to hide their fangs, she decided to go high profile with them! 

Oops! Looks like she just had her daily dose of blood! 

Anyway, if those pictures don't spell "horrendous", this picture definitely would!

It reminds me of a sexy version of Freddy Krueger. 

And I've no idea why.....


Happy Halloween people! =)

Friday, August 06, 2010

Love at First Sight

The excitement is enough to make you overwhelmed with joy and lose your sanity, craving for everything in sight...

You enjoy the adrenaline rush you're experiencing. In fact, what happened around you doesn't even matter now...

The feeling is so strong that you long to touch it, the very thing right in front of you....

The sheerness of it, how soft and tender it feels when you caressed it lovingly, how perfectly it fits your body.... You have to own the cute romper.

Tsk tsk tsk...What are you thinking huh?

I'm talking about my shopping experience k?

Now is high time for shopping since Mega Sale Carnival 2010 is running at the moment.

Hush Puppies, Body Glove, Face Shop, Etude House, Stage, Shins, Body Shop....etc etc are all having sale!

From left to right: Hush Puppies machine knit blouse (original price: RM129.90, bought it at half price!), Chic Avenue blouse (RM39), VJ Jeans navy T-shirt (original price: RM56.90, bought it at 10% off)

I've always wanted to have something nautical for my closet! Now I've got it. I love the golden navy crown (can't be seen in the photo) printed on the left sleeve! When I first set my eyes on the HP blouse, I've fallen in love with it. Too bad it is so expensive....Imagine how happy am I when I find it on sale now! 

From left to right: Etude House sunblock for body (original price: RM29.90, bought it at 10% off), Clinique face sunblock (RM 100)

Although the Clinique one costs me an arm, I think it is worth it lar....My face is sensitive type and I don't dare to experiment on it. It can make your makeup lasts longer too and the most important thing is - it is not oily at all and feels natural on your face. 

The Etude House sunblock is surprisingly good. This is the first time I'm trying out its products. It is cheap, not oily and smells nice too. It smells nothing like those drugstore sunblock. No wonder Etude House is such a hit among Koreans. 

Argh, now I've to scrimp and save in order to survive until the end of this month!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Others

I can never forget the very day when I first met her...

It was a rainy day. The sky was roaring with thunder. Rain lashed on me unkindly when I hurried across the street. I was cold, gloomy and drenched to my very feet. 

"Excusez-moi, may I have a tissue please?" I asked politely to the girl who was standing beside me, painstakingly wiping away smudged traces of makeup on her face. 


She looked up and flashed a warm smile at me.

That was when I saw her. 

A girl who looks a lot like..... 


Okaaay, I wish I can tell my story like that too. Too bad it didn't happen that way in my case. 

If you think that having a twin is way too cool, you couldn't be more wrong!

Let me tell you why by introducing this annoying person who has been tagging me along for more than 21...Oops.. 18 years! =P

Meet Melon, the other person who shared the same genotype as mine. Thank you very much.  

Reading a good book has always been my ideal way of spending some "Me Time". Aaaah, the joy of reading a book often multiplies with a good cup of coffee. However, my bubbles of happiness punctured whenever Melon is around. 

Fight has been expected whenever she is involved. 

See what I mean? She is such a pain in the ass. My poor book ended up tore into half. 

Sadly, the rivalry doesn't stop here. 

I think it has been programmed into Melon to piss me off. 

Perhaps this is why she is so keen to lay her hands on my erm....Well, the following picture explains it all. 


NOTE: Part of the photo has been mosaic to avoid for being

an eye sore to my beloved readers.

As I had told you before, things can get very ugly indeed.....

Sigh, how do you solve a problem like Melon?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Paul, the Lucky Octopus

I believe all German fans are very disappointed over their defeat against Spain.

If you compared Germany last night performance with their performance against  Argentina, last night ain't the German's best night. 

Spain players almost possessed the ball all the time. 

From the beginning of the match, I had this bad feeling that Germans not going to make it to final if they did not attempt to take control of the ball. 

Sadly, it came true.

Does this mean that Paul is real psychic?

Nah, I think it is more like - Paul, the Lucky Octopus. 

It is really bizarre to trust the judgement of an octopus rather than your own. 

I think the Germans might be discouraged by the cursed octopus since it predicted a few accurate match results.

All I know for certain is...

This is what Paul will become if it lost its luck!

Sad, isn't it?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bedtime Story

Aside from counting sheep, a good bedtime story can help you to sleep in no time!

I'm going to share with you guys, my bf's bedtime story.

One day, Little Lamb was having a terrible flu. 

He needed medicine badly. 

So, Cute Little Lamb helped Little Lamb to pass around the message that he needs medicine. (Erm, I'm not sure why the little cute lamb can't buy medicine for little lamb straightaway?)

Super Cute Little Lamb got notified from Cute Little Lamb that Little Lamb is sick and he needs medicine badly.

Out of concern, Super Cute Little Lamb quickly passed on the message to Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb. 

Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb hurried told Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb, who owned a pharmacy, supplied Little Lamb medicine. 

Happily, Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb took the medicine he got from Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb and gave it to Super Cute Little Lamb.

Super Cute Little Lamb passed the medicine to Cute Little Lamb.

Cute Little Lamb gave the medicine to Little Lamb immediately.

Little Lamb got much better after he took medicine.

He thanked Cute Little Lamb gratefully and asked him to pass along his thank you message to other lambs. 

Happily, Cute Little Lamb shared the good news with Super Cute Little Lamb....

Super Cute Little Lamb.....

Okaaay, this is when I've fallen asleep!

I bet you guys can pretty much predict how the storyline goes, right?

Think he might make a successful therapist to those insomniacs? =P

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Revenge towards Supia

Out of boredom, my friend, Supia decided to try something wild and outrageous.

Even though she knows this decision of hers might land her in hot soup, she insists to go for it nevertheless...

No no no, she does not wish to contribute towards nude art photography.

You guys are so dirty minded!!! 

Well, what she had planned to do is this instead...

Tada! Purple hair!!!
Mad chio right???

Okay, okay before she starts to accuse me for spreading untruthful news, I'm going to come clean now. 

She is just my first victim for me to practice my Photoshop skills. 

Knowing that seeing her hair in pink would be more than sufficient to drive Supia mad. My initial plan was to to dye her hair pink, the problem is I dunno how to adjust the color to pink. That's why I have to settle with purple. ><

This is the original picture. 

I had blurred the background of the photo, healed spots on her face and of course changed her hair color. 

For a newbie, my Photoshop skills not bad right?? =D

Awwww, come on, a white lie wouldn't hurt! ><

Here are few of my other attempts.

Tried dreamy effect. Dreamy, no?

Vintage style. 

And I tried to color my hair purple like Supia...

Oops, looks like Supia rocks purple much better than me! =(

Well, I've changed my hair color. If you compared them with the original(my profile photo), my original hair has two tones which are black and brown(my hair extension color). Aside from that, my eyes had been changed to brighter ones. =)

Comments and feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated. =)

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yeap, I'm so happy that I've got a new header now!!!

Thanks to Supia, after seeing her changed her new header, it makes me goes aaaaw, I want to put my pictures up there too!!! 

So, there you go, four of my photos proudly presented!

Hey, I am a low profile person and the reason I'm doing this is because of my beloved readers k? Well, one of my readers had asked me why I do not post my personal photos or talk about my life at blog. ><

Fineeee, just close your eyes if you feel uncomfortable to see my header whenever you pay a visit. I don't want to scare away my readers~! 

Anyway, I spotted something damn interesting today at a shopping mall which I think I must share with my readers!

Okay, maybe it is not that interesting...

What first comes across your mind when you see an honest looking old man who is in his fifties or sixties, holding hands tightly with a young Indonesian maid woman?

Something fishy right???

I was so damn tempted to snap a photo since they were oh-so-mushy-and-loving walking right in front of me and my BFF. 

Well, I didn't.

So, Dr.Watson BFF and I deduce a few theories:

One: The old man is horny and decided to get a young wife.

Two: The old man is having an affair. 

Three: The Indonesian maid seduced her boss.

Fourth: They're newly weds. 

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to follow them around....

The real reason remains a mystery unsolved. Sob.

Gosh, I'm so damn busybody now! ><

What do you guys think about this?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Defines a Person?

The subject of beauty has always been argumentative. 

How does one tell apart "beauty" and "ugly"?

Sure, the white sheep would have won single handedly since it out-shined the black sheep.

Let's take a look at this photo I found from the web.

The girl becomes immensely hot once she stands next to her plain looking friend. 

One wouldn't be considered pretty if he or she doesn't have a plain looking friend around to be compared with. 

Be grateful to God that you've been awarded with this advantage. 

Although you're slightly luckier or have a little more advantage than others, it doesn't mean that you're greater or stand at a higher level than them.

To me, one's value comes from others' recognition or approval. Even a celebrity, his popularity is a result of his faithful fans' supports and acclaims for all his hard work.  

Without all these recognitions, you're nothing. Just a nobody. 

I think it is time for all of us to enroll in a little lesson known as "Thank You".

Beauty is only skin deep. 

The more important thing is the heart that lies within the person. 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When Romance & Fashion Meets....

When romance and fashion meets...

They spell







a big pile of unpaid credit card debts!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Screw Serbia!!!

I guess today is just not German's lucky day!

Despite having great talents and awesome footballers, German still got defeated by Serbia in the match!

Looks like sometimes all we need is a little luck to succeed.

I'm sure that Podolski would have agreed wholeheartedly with me. 

Since Klose had earned an automatic one game suspension for getting two yellow cards against Serbia, I doubted whether Germany will be able to beat Ghana in the next match. 

Other than that, I find it extremely annoying the way Vladimir Stojković, Serbia's goalkeeper reacted after the game ended. Perhaps this guy got too excited with their victory, he stuffed the football in his jersey and ran around like a lunatic who just escaped from asylum. If you ask me, I think it is strongly recommended for him to go to check his sanity. You know, just in case he got a screw loose in his head?

Let us pray that Germans learned something from this match and play better in their upcoming match against Ghana!