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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Paul, the Lucky Octopus

I believe all German fans are very disappointed over their defeat against Spain.

If you compared Germany last night performance with their performance against  Argentina, last night ain't the German's best night. 

Spain players almost possessed the ball all the time. 

From the beginning of the match, I had this bad feeling that Germans not going to make it to final if they did not attempt to take control of the ball. 

Sadly, it came true.

Does this mean that Paul is real psychic?

Nah, I think it is more like - Paul, the Lucky Octopus. 

It is really bizarre to trust the judgement of an octopus rather than your own. 

I think the Germans might be discouraged by the cursed octopus since it predicted a few accurate match results.

All I know for certain is...

This is what Paul will become if it lost its luck!

Sad, isn't it?


greenteacarm said...

good for him la tht stupid octopus :D Germany should've won :D

kianfai87 said...

lol the photo u posted it seems to be tasty wahahaha!

Lemon said...

@greenteacarm: Haha, I think it will serve better as dishes. At least it can keep quiet lo. =P

@Kianfai: Haha, Paul should be killed!! Omg, can't believe it has a name too! =P

toninkush said...

paul is gonna get eaten when he predicts wrongly

Victor Tan said...

lol, it won't make a difference if Paul is killed. C'mon la, just celebrate the game, why the hate? lols

Lemon said...

@Toninkush: LOL, wonder how a pyschic octopus tastes like huh? *wink

@Victor: Haha, just for fun, put all the blame on the octopus! =P

Kelvin said...

Hahaha, but dun think that species can be eaten XD

KwOnG FeI said...

aiks German lost..
whatever it is, i dun trust the animals pyhics thingy..
it is jsut coincidentally or there might be other thigns which may influence it eg like colours, positioning or maybe trained by its trainer

Mabel Low said...

Y'know what, we should invite paul the octopus over when we have the pilihan raya. Sure dang useful one!