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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bedtime Story

Aside from counting sheep, a good bedtime story can help you to sleep in no time!

I'm going to share with you guys, my bf's bedtime story.

One day, Little Lamb was having a terrible flu. 

He needed medicine badly. 

So, Cute Little Lamb helped Little Lamb to pass around the message that he needs medicine. (Erm, I'm not sure why the little cute lamb can't buy medicine for little lamb straightaway?)

Super Cute Little Lamb got notified from Cute Little Lamb that Little Lamb is sick and he needs medicine badly.

Out of concern, Super Cute Little Lamb quickly passed on the message to Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb. 

Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb hurried told Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb, who owned a pharmacy, supplied Little Lamb medicine. 

Happily, Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb took the medicine he got from Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb and gave it to Super Cute Little Lamb.

Super Cute Little Lamb passed the medicine to Cute Little Lamb.

Cute Little Lamb gave the medicine to Little Lamb immediately.

Little Lamb got much better after he took medicine.

He thanked Cute Little Lamb gratefully and asked him to pass along his thank you message to other lambs. 

Happily, Cute Little Lamb shared the good news with Super Cute Little Lamb....

Super Cute Little Lamb.....

Okaaay, this is when I've fallen asleep!

I bet you guys can pretty much predict how the storyline goes, right?

Think he might make a successful therapist to those insomniacs? =P


kenwooi said...

so many super-duper-trooper cute wan.. confusing! lol =P

Anonymous said...

*owhmmmmmmmm* sleep can?

Lemon said...

@Kenwooi: Haha...Actually he told the story in Chinese. Chinese names more confusing. ><

@Joshua: That's the purpose! =P