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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Revenge towards Supia

Out of boredom, my friend, Supia decided to try something wild and outrageous.

Even though she knows this decision of hers might land her in hot soup, she insists to go for it nevertheless...

No no no, she does not wish to contribute towards nude art photography.

You guys are so dirty minded!!! 

Well, what she had planned to do is this instead...

Tada! Purple hair!!!
Mad chio right???

Okay, okay before she starts to accuse me for spreading untruthful news, I'm going to come clean now. 

She is just my first victim for me to practice my Photoshop skills. 

Knowing that seeing her hair in pink would be more than sufficient to drive Supia mad. My initial plan was to to dye her hair pink, the problem is I dunno how to adjust the color to pink. That's why I have to settle with purple. ><

This is the original picture. 

I had blurred the background of the photo, healed spots on her face and of course changed her hair color. 

For a newbie, my Photoshop skills not bad right?? =D

Awwww, come on, a white lie wouldn't hurt! ><

Here are few of my other attempts.

Tried dreamy effect. Dreamy, no?

Vintage style. 

And I tried to color my hair purple like Supia...

Oops, looks like Supia rocks purple much better than me! =(

Well, I've changed my hair color. If you compared them with the original(my profile photo), my original hair has two tones which are black and brown(my hair extension color). Aside from that, my eyes had been changed to brighter ones. =)

Comments and feedbacks are welcomed and appreciated. =)


v!vi@n said... are a newbie on ps?? tats very you change the hair colour??? so nicely done

HenRy LeE ® said...

LADY GILA! XD jk jk... nice one!

The CleverMunkey

Lemon said...

@v!vi@n: Hehe, yeap. Thanks for your compliment! I learned it from this website. The tutorial is quite easy to understand.

@Henry: Nice nice, cannot be Lady Gaga, become Lady Gila also not bad! =P

YULI said...

lol, i thought that girl in the first photo is your friend :))

Lemon said...

@Yuli: Nah, that girl isn't my friend. =P

Yorke Kun said...

damn god i'm so dirty minded..but what's the point that naked girl pic posted?..hahaha..btw,you both look hot in purple..why don't you go and really dye your hair purple! hahaha

Lemon said...

@Yorke: Mislead you people! Hahax. My mum would have kill me at the very second she sees my hair purple! ><

Yorke Kun said... please just don't!

Aidi-Safuan said...

wah! look real la!

Dreamerz said...

Girl i think you can rock the purple do too lah.. Why dont u give it a try for real, hehehe.

Lemon said...

@Yorke: Glad that it works! =P

@Aidi: Thank you thank you! XD

@Dreamerz: Omg! Then all eyes will be on me everytime I go out! Haha, I prefer to keep low profile. =P