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Friday, June 18, 2010

Screw Serbia!!!

I guess today is just not German's lucky day!

Despite having great talents and awesome footballers, German still got defeated by Serbia in the match!

Looks like sometimes all we need is a little luck to succeed.

I'm sure that Podolski would have agreed wholeheartedly with me. 

Since Klose had earned an automatic one game suspension for getting two yellow cards against Serbia, I doubted whether Germany will be able to beat Ghana in the next match. 

Other than that, I find it extremely annoying the way Vladimir Stojković, Serbia's goalkeeper reacted after the game ended. Perhaps this guy got too excited with their victory, he stuffed the football in his jersey and ran around like a lunatic who just escaped from asylum. If you ask me, I think it is strongly recommended for him to go to check his sanity. You know, just in case he got a screw loose in his head?

Let us pray that Germans learned something from this match and play better in their upcoming match against Ghana!


azremy said...

dont hope on luck.thing is serbia play better although german is my team,take it as a lesson

kenwooi said...

many underdogs winning now this year =)

Nina Nurziana said...

i hate the ref! too many yellow card! huh~

~Syndy~ said...

GErmany =( i supported dem alot

Vic said...

Screw Albania too. Haiz, England drew twice edi. :(

Lemon said...

@Azremy: Yeap, this should be a lesson for Germans.

@Kenwooi: Yeap, quite a lot of unexpected results.

@Nina: Sigh...dunno what's up with that referee?

@Syndy: Let us pray that they can defeat Ghana in the upcoming match. ><

@Vic: Lol! Not a big fan of England though...