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Thursday, June 17, 2010


Three months of semester break had landed me diagnosed with the deadliest disease known to mankind - laziness.

I'm lazy to move my fingers...

lazy to move my toes...

lazy to blog...

lazy to get up from my comfy seat...

lazy to wake up from my lovely bed...

lazy to bathe...


Oh wait!

That last statement was a mistake! 

Having good personal hygiene has always been on top of my priority list. =P

It is pretty ironic how I always wanted to have a break from my hectic university life. And now I've got it, I missed my lecture days back!

Life without an aim is a living nightmare.

This reminds me of a story.

There was this man who died in an accident. His soul reached a very breathtakingly beautiful place. It is like heaven to him!

Cold hard cash appeared out of thin air whenever he needed more of them. He doesn't need to work like a slave anymore just to earn enough money to pay for those taxes, credit card bills and other endless expenses. 

Even pretty girls seem to fall for him easily at this lovely place! He goes everywhere with a hot chick clinging on tightly to his arm! 

He stays in a super monstrous mansion with a team of servants at his command. 

It is just like every man's dream and the best thing is he is the lucky man who has it all! 

Shortly after three months, he gets more and more bored with the same daily routine. He finds it hard to pass his days without doing a single meaningful thing. Surprisingly, he even missed and wanted his miserable job back when he was still alive. 

So he goes to this man who is in charge of this beautiful place. 

"I want a job. Do they have jobs for us in heaven?"

The man laughed and said," What gives you the idea that you're in heaven?"

Thought provoking isn't it?

Am I a good story teller? =P


thomas said...

Nice story but don't tell me that's hell.

Lemon said...

Yea...unfortunately that is hell. Lol