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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Penang, The Island of Bliss

Every semester break I'll visit my grandparents in Penang.

Mind you, the only thing I don't like about Penang is the TRAFFIC.

Look at the super long queue trailing behind!

We waited for half an hour just to get pass the toll plaza to Penang bridge!

Even the automatic lane also jammed!

The sky is so crispy blue in Penang! (Okok, I know sky is blue everywhere... ><)

Thank God the traffic ain't that jammed at the bridge itself!

I can even see the landmark of Penang - KOMTAR from my grandparent's flat!

Time to test how good is your eyesight! Can you spot the building???


Then it is time for you to go for an eye checkup! =P

Okay okay, I'm not going to be that cruel to you guys k? The red arrow in the picture below points to the location of KOMTAR.

I tried to zoom in but it'll cause the quality of the photo bad. :(

Anyway, so long for today!

I will try to wake up early and capture breathtaking sunrise pictures in Penang for you guys! =)


Chandelier said...

i love penang too :) going there for holidays again next month!

Lemon said...

Have fun with your trip! =)