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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Yeap, I'm so happy that I've got a new header now!!!

Thanks to Supia, after seeing her changed her new header, it makes me goes aaaaw, I want to put my pictures up there too!!! 

So, there you go, four of my photos proudly presented!

Hey, I am a low profile person and the reason I'm doing this is because of my beloved readers k? Well, one of my readers had asked me why I do not post my personal photos or talk about my life at blog. ><

Fineeee, just close your eyes if you feel uncomfortable to see my header whenever you pay a visit. I don't want to scare away my readers~! 

Anyway, I spotted something damn interesting today at a shopping mall which I think I must share with my readers!

Okay, maybe it is not that interesting...

What first comes across your mind when you see an honest looking old man who is in his fifties or sixties, holding hands tightly with a young Indonesian maid woman?

Something fishy right???

I was so damn tempted to snap a photo since they were oh-so-mushy-and-loving walking right in front of me and my BFF. 

Well, I didn't.

So, Dr.Watson BFF and I deduce a few theories:

One: The old man is horny and decided to get a young wife.

Two: The old man is having an affair. 

Three: The Indonesian maid seduced her boss.

Fourth: They're newly weds. 

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to follow them around....

The real reason remains a mystery unsolved. Sob.

Gosh, I'm so damn busybody now! ><

What do you guys think about this?


Inspector M said...

Wow, your new profile is attractive! Keep up your good work.

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

Definitely the Indonesian maid seduced her boss lol.

thomas said...

Where is the photo?He!he!

Lemon said...

@M: Thank you =)

@Caryne: Haha, I also think like that.

@Thomas: I don't dare to take photos of them la... ><