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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The American Bean

From left, clockwise: 
Howard, the Jewish who still stays with his mother. 
Leonard, Sheldon's house mate and has a crush on Penny. 
Penny, a waitress who often go for various tryouts in auditions, hoping that she'll get chosen to be one of the movie cast.
Sheldon Cooper, a genius with an IQ of 187 who works as a physicists. He is a comic freak. 
Raj Koothrappali, an Indian who loves to eat beef and can't talk to girls.

I've always been a great fan of Big Bang Theory. 

Among the characters, I love Sheldon Cooper the best.

The videos below explained it all.

This is how Sheldon Cooper explained why he couldn't sit anywhere aside from his spot.

This is Sheldon Cooper when he got squat.

I wonder how he twitched his facial muscle! Lolx

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is attempting to smile.

Don't you find his face expression look exactly like this man?

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is sick.

Poor Penny! 

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is angry.

To me, Jim Parson a.k.a Sheldon is like the American version of Mr.Bean.

Well, the only difference is his IQ is noticeably higher than Mr.Bean! 

Hey, at least he do not shave like this k?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baptiste Giabiconi

Do you know this guy?

He has been ranked as top one male model at

Here is a series of photo shoots by this dashing French dude!

By the way, can you guess which singer he is trying to imitate in the picture? 

Even Naomi Campbell finds it hard to believe that there are no imperfections on this guy appearance!

Lagerfeld claimed that there is no other model like Baptiste who is perfect when dressed and stunning undressed. ( I bet girls will agree with me on this right? =P )

According to news, Baptiste is working on his music album. 

I've no idea whether Baptiste will do well as a singer but what I'm certain is he sure make a great model!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Vera Wang Fantasy

It is almost every girl's dream to own a Vera Wang wedding gown.

Vera Wang's designs often include a twist of romance, elegance and style. 

Do you know that Vera Wang was once the youngest fashion editor for Vogue?

It is V.O.G.U.E!!! 

That says something, doesn't it?

Here is a glimpse of her top ten bridal gowns:

Personally, I like that purple gown the best!!!


Purple is my favourite colour! Anyway, I've always taking a liking to mermaid shaped dress. Too bad I don't have a hourglass figure to look good in it. =( nice if I can wear Vera Wang for my own wedding! *dreaming*

Monday, April 26, 2010

Demigod Addicton

I know I've been abandoning this blog for a couple of weeks.

Well, this is the culprit behind the reason why I don't have time to update!

I'm so addicted to Percy Jackson series!

In fact, I think it is far more awesome than Harry Potter series! For me, Harry Potter storyline gets more and more boring each book. It is like Rowling is trying to make the story spins longer...I don't understand why everyone is so intrigued with the fact that Dumbledore is a gay? However, Rowling managed to wow me again with her last book of the sequel. I like the way she described death. The storyline for Percy Jackson gets more and more gripping in the other hand. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter! I score full marks on every online Harry Potter quiz k? 

How many authors can manage to describe Greek Gods as lively as Rick Riordan? His imagination truly amaze me! I find it hard to put down the book once I've start to read the first page. I know there are some people who are confused with Perseus Jackson's parentage. Well, if you've read book 2 of the series, the Percy Jackson is not the same as the other Perseus Jackson which is the son of Zeus( Remember the movie Clash of the Titans? ). In fact, Percy Jackson had been named after him so that he can be as lucky as the son of Zeus and survive from the clutches of monsters. 

Well, all I can say is if you're into reading and love fantasy, you shouldn't have miss Percy Jackson series! 

Gotta ciao!

Can't wait to read finish The Last Olympian soon! 

Monday, April 12, 2010

No Strings Attached

Internet means a lot to me.

I need it to check my facebook messages, play skype with friends, msn-ing with cute guys, download Hong Kong drama series and most importantly play my RESTAURANT CITY!!!

Imagine how troublesome it would be for me if I can only use cable to access to network? 

I feel as if I am grounding myself in my hostel room, accompanying my beloved laptop 24/7... 

However, if I use this baby, life will be much simpler!

Not only I can facebook anywhere, I even have an awesome connection compared to the lousy WiFi service at my university. =(

I can online at beach, happily sipping my cup of tequila and have the music of nature surrounding me ...

When I'm eating my bowl of noodles at restaurant, I won't miss out the latest tweets by my friends too. 

If I have to answer my nature call, I can even bring my laptop along, you know, kill some time. I can water my Restaurant City plants while waiting for my emm business to finish.

Wiggy provides us the fastest wireless connection and allows us to have a glimpse of future technology.

With fast connection in hand, one can even catch up with the latest episode of Project Alpha without having to go through the pain of waiting for the video to load. 

May God bless Wiggy. =)

Project Alpha Season 2 is presented by Adidas Action 3 and supported by P1 and MAS.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

April Fool~

My morning was such a mess! 

I was suppose to attend a revision class conducted by my electronic device lecturer for my final exam.

My class had been shifted to another empty class and I dunno the location.

So I asked a friend of mine and he said it is at block P03.

I climbed up the stairs all the way to P03 only to discover a row of locked empty classrooms. 

Then I walked all the way back ( up and down stairs again) to block P05 which we usually have our own class. Again, the classroom was locked. 

I tried to call my friend again but no one picked up the phone. 

It was like I'm joining the amazing race. I rushed to this end and the other end, scanned through every floor to hunt for that bloody classroom! 

By rhe time I managed to find my class, I was panting heavily, out of breath and wet with perspiration.... 

Great way to start a day huh?

My most memorable April Fool would be during my form 4.

Our class first lesson suppose to be English. Everybody was busy chattering as usual while waiting for teacher arrived. I even planned to fool my teacher with a few friends of mine. All of a sudden, my teacher came rushing in. She urged all of us to take our stationary and move to the library as fast as possible. There will be an essay writing competition in the library. All of us had to participate in it. 

The whole class went "oooohs" and "aaaahs" the moment teacher broke the news to us. Most of my classmates ain't happy with it. Grumpily, everyone started to pack and queue up in front of class. I think I was the only one happy with the news since I do enjoy writing essays. However, somehow, I sensed something fishy going on. My teacher seemed to be very happy to see the commotion going on among us. Almost 98% of classmates had queued up in front of the class and ready to go. My friend, Denise and I were the only one left sitting at our own seats. 

"Hurry up! What are you waiting for? It is going to start at any minute!" My teacher yelled at us. 

"Do you think this is real?" I asked Denise.

"Hmm...I don't think so. If really got competition, we'd have been informed in advance," Denise replied confidently.

Just when I was torn between following or not following, teacher announced happily to all of us," Happy April Fool!"

Oh fuck.

My teacher is so naughty lo...before we managed to fool her, she had us fooled!  ><

Today, even Nuffnang seems to be playing a cruel prank on me!

Wtf?? What shall I do to clear my blog reputation???

I don't want to be recognized for this!!!

Fake cosmetics!!!

If you ask me what is my favorite cosmetics products, I would have say "MAC" without any hesitation.

MAC is awesome!!!

Personally, I love this new collection from MAC. It is known as Give Me Liberty of London.

The model looks so cool huh?

The collection is so colorful! Look at its packaging! Girls, don't you just love it?

Even our beloved Lady Gaga has become one of the spoke person for MAC Viva Glam campaign!

MAC had formed its own organisation to raise funds for AIDS since 1994. Every single profit earned from selling Viva Glam lipsticks and lip glass will be going straight to the fund throughout the month of March. How cool is it for one to buy a lipstick and do charity at the same time?

Anyway, Gaga had been involved in a photo shoot for Hello Kitty 35th anniversary celebration. I find it kinda weird to imagine Gaga with Hello Kitty. Their images are totally different k? As usual, Gaga manages to pull off any style!

Imagine how upset I am when I find out the market is overflowing with tonnes and tonnes of MAC replicas! There are even some shops claiming unabashedly that they sell real products!

It is like an insult to MAC...

Their packaging is exactly the same as the real MAC. The only difference is every faithful MAC supporters know deep in their hearts that they are not real. We can spot the difference.

The worst thing is most of those pirated cosmetics contain urine in it! 

Why would anyone buy them? 

Is it for the sake of owning a "branded" cosmetics at much cheaper price?

They're not even good for one's skin!