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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The American Bean

From left, clockwise: 
Howard, the Jewish who still stays with his mother. 
Leonard, Sheldon's house mate and has a crush on Penny. 
Penny, a waitress who often go for various tryouts in auditions, hoping that she'll get chosen to be one of the movie cast.
Sheldon Cooper, a genius with an IQ of 187 who works as a physicists. He is a comic freak. 
Raj Koothrappali, an Indian who loves to eat beef and can't talk to girls.

I've always been a great fan of Big Bang Theory. 

Among the characters, I love Sheldon Cooper the best.

The videos below explained it all.

This is how Sheldon Cooper explained why he couldn't sit anywhere aside from his spot.

This is Sheldon Cooper when he got squat.

I wonder how he twitched his facial muscle! Lolx

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is attempting to smile.

Don't you find his face expression look exactly like this man?

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is sick.

Poor Penny! 

This is Sheldon Cooper when he is angry.

To me, Jim Parson a.k.a Sheldon is like the American version of Mr.Bean.

Well, the only difference is his IQ is noticeably higher than Mr.Bean! 

Hey, at least he do not shave like this k?


Kelvin said...

Bean is the classic in the business^^

kenwooi said...

never watched big band theory.. but mr bean is as cool as always =)

Lemon said...

@Kelvin: I agreed with you!! ^^

@Kenwooi: You should watch it! Bet you'll laugh till you've got stomachache!

The Wan And Only said...

I love that show... especially Sheldon and Penny :)

Lemon said...

It is the characters who make the sitcom comes alive! =)

stalkeRific` said...

totally agree with you that he looks like mr. bean lol ~