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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Others

I can never forget the very day when I first met her...

It was a rainy day. The sky was roaring with thunder. Rain lashed on me unkindly when I hurried across the street. I was cold, gloomy and drenched to my very feet. 

"Excusez-moi, may I have a tissue please?" I asked politely to the girl who was standing beside me, painstakingly wiping away smudged traces of makeup on her face. 


She looked up and flashed a warm smile at me.

That was when I saw her. 

A girl who looks a lot like..... 


Okaaay, I wish I can tell my story like that too. Too bad it didn't happen that way in my case. 

If you think that having a twin is way too cool, you couldn't be more wrong!

Let me tell you why by introducing this annoying person who has been tagging me along for more than 21...Oops.. 18 years! =P

Meet Melon, the other person who shared the same genotype as mine. Thank you very much.  

Reading a good book has always been my ideal way of spending some "Me Time". Aaaah, the joy of reading a book often multiplies with a good cup of coffee. However, my bubbles of happiness punctured whenever Melon is around. 

Fight has been expected whenever she is involved. 

See what I mean? She is such a pain in the ass. My poor book ended up tore into half. 

Sadly, the rivalry doesn't stop here. 

I think it has been programmed into Melon to piss me off. 

Perhaps this is why she is so keen to lay her hands on my erm....Well, the following picture explains it all. 


NOTE: Part of the photo has been mosaic to avoid for being

an eye sore to my beloved readers.

As I had told you before, things can get very ugly indeed.....

Sigh, how do you solve a problem like Melon?

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Paul, the Lucky Octopus

I believe all German fans are very disappointed over their defeat against Spain.

If you compared Germany last night performance with their performance against  Argentina, last night ain't the German's best night. 

Spain players almost possessed the ball all the time. 

From the beginning of the match, I had this bad feeling that Germans not going to make it to final if they did not attempt to take control of the ball. 

Sadly, it came true.

Does this mean that Paul is real psychic?

Nah, I think it is more like - Paul, the Lucky Octopus. 

It is really bizarre to trust the judgement of an octopus rather than your own. 

I think the Germans might be discouraged by the cursed octopus since it predicted a few accurate match results.

All I know for certain is...

This is what Paul will become if it lost its luck!

Sad, isn't it?

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bedtime Story

Aside from counting sheep, a good bedtime story can help you to sleep in no time!

I'm going to share with you guys, my bf's bedtime story.

One day, Little Lamb was having a terrible flu. 

He needed medicine badly. 

So, Cute Little Lamb helped Little Lamb to pass around the message that he needs medicine. (Erm, I'm not sure why the little cute lamb can't buy medicine for little lamb straightaway?)

Super Cute Little Lamb got notified from Cute Little Lamb that Little Lamb is sick and he needs medicine badly.

Out of concern, Super Cute Little Lamb quickly passed on the message to Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb. 

Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb hurried told Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb, who owned a pharmacy, supplied Little Lamb medicine. 

Happily, Super-Duper Cute Little Lamb took the medicine he got from Super-Duper-Trooper Cute Little Lamb and gave it to Super Cute Little Lamb.

Super Cute Little Lamb passed the medicine to Cute Little Lamb.

Cute Little Lamb gave the medicine to Little Lamb immediately.

Little Lamb got much better after he took medicine.

He thanked Cute Little Lamb gratefully and asked him to pass along his thank you message to other lambs. 

Happily, Cute Little Lamb shared the good news with Super Cute Little Lamb....

Super Cute Little Lamb.....

Okaaay, this is when I've fallen asleep!

I bet you guys can pretty much predict how the storyline goes, right?

Think he might make a successful therapist to those insomniacs? =P