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Friday, August 06, 2010

Love at First Sight

The excitement is enough to make you overwhelmed with joy and lose your sanity, craving for everything in sight...

You enjoy the adrenaline rush you're experiencing. In fact, what happened around you doesn't even matter now...

The feeling is so strong that you long to touch it, the very thing right in front of you....

The sheerness of it, how soft and tender it feels when you caressed it lovingly, how perfectly it fits your body.... You have to own the cute romper.

Tsk tsk tsk...What are you thinking huh?

I'm talking about my shopping experience k?

Now is high time for shopping since Mega Sale Carnival 2010 is running at the moment.

Hush Puppies, Body Glove, Face Shop, Etude House, Stage, Shins, Body Shop....etc etc are all having sale!

From left to right: Hush Puppies machine knit blouse (original price: RM129.90, bought it at half price!), Chic Avenue blouse (RM39), VJ Jeans navy T-shirt (original price: RM56.90, bought it at 10% off)

I've always wanted to have something nautical for my closet! Now I've got it. I love the golden navy crown (can't be seen in the photo) printed on the left sleeve! When I first set my eyes on the HP blouse, I've fallen in love with it. Too bad it is so expensive....Imagine how happy am I when I find it on sale now! 

From left to right: Etude House sunblock for body (original price: RM29.90, bought it at 10% off), Clinique face sunblock (RM 100)

Although the Clinique one costs me an arm, I think it is worth it lar....My face is sensitive type and I don't dare to experiment on it. It can make your makeup lasts longer too and the most important thing is - it is not oily at all and feels natural on your face. 

The Etude House sunblock is surprisingly good. This is the first time I'm trying out its products. It is cheap, not oily and smells nice too. It smells nothing like those drugstore sunblock. No wonder Etude House is such a hit among Koreans. 

Argh, now I've to scrimp and save in order to survive until the end of this month!

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Aidi-Safuan said...

ala, shopping tak ajak! :P