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Friday, February 19, 2010

Behold Your Eyes!

After 12 hours of starving, I got to have my breakfast+lunch+dinner finally at 2130 hour! 

Everything looks delicious to me when I'm in great hunger! 

When I was busy gobbling down my food, I sensed that my bf kept staring at me.

Out of curiosity, I asked him whether there is anything that troubled him.

Well, this is how he replied...

" You told me once if a guy keeps staring at a girl, it means that he likes her. That's why I'm staring at you."

Ok baby, I think you've got the wrong way round!

That is creepy..... 

A passionate and intense eyes-locking moment should be like this...

or like this

aaaaand this!

Oops!! Sorry, wrong pic!

Get it?

Body language may convey your feelings to each other better than verbal. 

However, inappropriate body language at the wrong timing may make you look like this....


This is when things go wrong....


Ariff Suffian Zainal  said...

Heh nice funny post :) Great way to start my morning!

Victor Tan said...

haha....lucu lah xD

kenwooi said...

lol.. was your BF looking at your..... ??? =P