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Monday, February 15, 2010

I hate CNY!!!!!

I hate CNY!!

No chinese restaurants open during CNY!!!

I've no chinese food to eat.... 

I've to make a tough choice between Pizza Hut, KFC, McD, Sushi King and Secret Recipe...

I'm so damn sick of fast food wey!!

This is my first time going through CNY alone... (I did not go back home.)

Hostel is eerily quiet. Everybody has go back. The only residents left are those Arabs. Urgh! Mind you, I'm not being racist. They gave me very bad impression.... 

Let me tell you why....

There was once this Arab guy, he had been staring at me for an hour in the library. I was there with my bf and noticed there was this man who can't take his eyes off me. We were working on our assignments with library computers. I felt bored and decided to check out my facebook. So I walked to the other row of computers and surf the internet. As soon as I left him, that creepy Arab guy approached me. He intruded my social proxemic by keeping a distance from me which I would have defined as "intimate". He stood there with an arm around my chair! IN THE LIBRARY!!! God damn it!! His armpit stinks like hell man!! He is sturdily build and looked like an "apek" in his mid 30s. 

Apek: Hi

Me: Hi

Apek: Are you a chinese?

Me: Yea? ( So what if I were NOT a chinese? )

Apek: May I know which faculty and year are you in? ( At this moment, he was leaning so damn close to me and I had to inch backwards away from him...)

Me: I'm from faculty of electrical engineering. Second year this year.

Apek: Actually, I like you. Can we be friends?

Me: No?

Apek: No?

Me: Yes, NO!

He left the library immediately, damn pissed off with his failure. What did he expect??? I jumped up and down excitedly and squealed "Oh, I like you too???" SIAO!!! Come on la... I bet this is just another desperate attempt he used to get the Malaysian citizenship! 

There is something creepy going on at my wing. I swear that I heard tap water running and someone flushing the toilet at broad daylight. Too bad I've no guts to check it out. However, I had observed that all of the rooms appeared to be unoccupied as there are no lights switched on at night. Scary right? I even went as far as observed the shoes and slippers placed in front of each room. If there were someone, shoe patterns would have been different each time they wear it and leave it outside before go inside their room. I had discovered nothing out of ordinary..... 

Man, how am I going to survive another 3 days alone? ><


kisahsensasi said...

How bout listen to LONELY song by AKON.... just kidding... said...

ooo.. dun like tat!
warm n happy CNY wishing frm mr, k?
hi, i'm edmund.
1st time visit.
nice to meet u lah..

Victor Tan said...

Dun underestimate Arabs. They are rich. xD But seems like this one is kinda not like a gentleman. Too desperate also have to resist. xD

It's okay larr. Just put a smile, and it will be ok.

Lemon said...

@kisahsensasi: Lol, lame la you! :P

@Edmund: Hi there! Thanks for dropping by o! ^^

@Victor Tan: Lol, I know they're filthy rich...but some of them right are looking for their second wife in uni. They even asked their wife to look for them!