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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hams, Anyone?

is not the "HAM" I'm talking about.

is the "HAM" I'm talking about.

Have you ever seen it or hear of it?
    "Hams" is short form for amateur radio. 
There are two types or radio.


The word "amateur" reflects the principle that amateur radio and its skilled operators are committed to helping communities without financial compensation; whereas commercial radio operates for profit, as quoted in Wikipedia.
Amateur radio may be new in Malaysia.
However, according to Wikipedia, there are approximately six million people out there who are picking up this as their hobby for self-training, public services and recreational purposes!
How outdated are we when it comes to the field of technology? 
     For your information, this baby can provide us a channel to communicate with people who live a thousand miles away (or even further)!! You never know who you can reach on the other hand of receiver. All you need to do is just to tune in to the right frequency! It often proves as a great help whenever natural disasters strike and in many other ways! 
      Do not ever underestimate this baby. It may seems to be normal on outside. However, all our mobile phones and laptops technology come from this little thing right here!!

You've got to have a basic knowledge of radio technology, regulations and its operating principles in order to modulate it. It is illegal for you to own a ham without getting a license. There are two consequences for you to face: 
- Pay a heavy fine which is equivalent to the price of a Toyota Altis
- Jail for not more than 5 years or both at the same time

Ham is used for personal purpose or for studies instead of abuse it for earning a fortune.
This website gives a clearer explanation on Hams operation. 
 Without the invention of hams, imagine what the world would be now....

Ham radios know no boundaries and permits people to talk wireless and inexpensively.


HenRy LeE ® said...

lol... i really thought the food ham... haha!

Jan said...

Lol. Mr Incredible has this if I'm not wrong.

And I just realised I got to stop watching cartoons.

Lemon said...

@Henry: Looks like food attracted u here after all! Lolx

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