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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Worst "Chiong-K" Experience

There is only one word that can describe my recent life: STRESS!  

As a result, I decided to flee~  

So here I am, standing right in front of a mini karaoke center at Giant Bukit Indah together with a friend of mine. I miss my Green Box time back in Klang with my buddies terribly! ( Btw, did I ever tell you that one of my hidden talent is singing?? Well, it is a fact and it has always been known publicly. )

The moment I stepped into the cubicle I was instructed to go to, I wowed at the modernly furnished room itself. Without any further adieu, I started to browse through the song collections excitedly. I used to think that I am technology savvy, well, I couldn't be more wrong! I found myself staring helplessly at the keyboard and kept pressing the keys at random frantically, trying to change the song selection to Chinese. After many fruitless attempts, I gave up. My friend went to ask for assistance from the guy at the counter. Oh man, it was damn embarrassing! 

The first song I chose was A Mei & Jam (张惠妹&萧敬腾) 一眼瞬间. I dunno why but I seem to fall in love with Jam recently. Of course what I meant is his voice lar!!! In my excitement, I kind of forget my friend's extreme enthusiasm whenever we go for a karaoke session. So I ended screaming the whole song at the top of my lungs in an attempt hoping to hear my voice over his loud booming voice. Although both of us were using microphones, somehow my voice was still pathetically feeble compared to him. I can't hear me at all!!! URGH! His voice is as loud as one's voice after being cast a "Sonorus" spell. ( Fyi, if you guys aren't familiar with Harry Potter, Sonorus is a spell where a wizard used to make his voice louder. )  

I thought this is my "Now".... The goddamn speaker volume suddenly increase tremendously! And I dunno how to turn it down. As a result, I can't hear my voice again.  

In the end, I am more stressed out than ever!  

This time, it comes from the side effect of enduring an extremely horrible singing that sounds like a cat got ran over by a lawn mower!

Lessons learnt today: 

1. Do not ever go out with a friend whose voice is louder than yours and tortures u with his or her mediocre singing. 
2. Make sure you know how to turn down the volume of the speakers. 
3. Visit a karaoke center that has a collection of F.I.R songs. Without F.I.R, it ain't complete.

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