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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Newbie at Work

Yesterday was my first day work at Padini. 

The job is pretty simple. All I gotta do is zip my mouth and stand still for what seems to be an agonizing year. Ok la, it is not year, to be precise, 7.5 hours. 

Mind you, it is not easy for me to keep quiet. I've always been known as the prime noise maker among my friends. In other words, it is pure torture for me. I feel tormented. So I resort to observe customers and other workers for some barrel of fun. And I am proud to say that me, the 21st century Sherlock Holmes, have managed to spot some hanky panky stuffs going on between a staff and another high position staff.... Feel free to ring me up if you want my investigation services. I charge at a lower rate compared to other investigation companies. 

Anyway, there was a guy that unnerved me the most. How would you feel to have a person keep staring at you? Did I mention how hot he is? Oh yes, it might be flattering at first....but it is kinda creepy after awhile. Let me show you the culprit. We can mock at him together. 

See him? Mr.Blue Shirt!!!

Please excuse me for my overflowing imagination. One tends to go cuckoo when exposed to an overdose of sheer boredom kay! 

Anyway, I will survive for these three months. Yes, my ultimate purpose of work is to own this baby. 

Patient baby, mama will come for ya!!! xoxo

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Anonymous said...

HTC ?? yee... i tot u wan the another baby ??