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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hammered by Thor

The main thing that attracted me to watch the movie is its good reviews. 

No no no, it has nothing to do with the sexy half naked hunk up there. 

I guess everybody loves to have a dose of Greek Mythology after all. Look at Percy Jackson series and Clash of the Titans! Hollywood possesses the magic wand that breathes life into folk tales. 

The story revolves around an arrogant sexy young warrior, Thor who learned to become a better ruler for his kingdom. Typical sibling rivalry, fighting for the love or approval from his father, younger brother jealous towards his elder brother's achievement bla bla bla..... 

Somehow, I find that hammer thingy a bit cliche. It is just like the well known story, The Sword in the Stone which is written by T.H.Write. 

Only the future rightful king of England can pull out the sword which is magically embedded in the stone. 

In our case, the hammer only can be pulled from the sand( it dropped in the desert right? ) when Thor has learned to be a wise ruler for his people. 

My heart melted when Thor kissed Jane's hand. I bet lots of girls out there envy the good fate of Natalie Portman! He looked at her as if she is the only girl matters in this world! I wish I were her! *dreaming away* 

To me, this is a great movie!!! I definitely won't miss out its sequel!

Well, I'm sorry to break this to you...

Mr.Robert, you've just been nailed!

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That Chick said...

hahaha. My hormones crashed when I found out he was married but his ass still remains fatefully as the number one thing I like to think about.

P.S. it still boggles the mine to see that people actually think Robert Patterson is hot.