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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Real Culprit Behind SMK Raja Abdullah Bully Case

Here is my partake on the recent bully case happened in SMK Raja Abdullah. 

There are definitely plenty of us out there who are shocked at the leniency of the punishment for the bullies. I find it hard to believe that the Deputy Education Minister said they can only suspend the perpetrators because the victim was not hurt physically and suspension is the most rightful punishment for them. 

Sadly, although it is unbelievable, it is not surprising to me. This is just another typical answer which a politician would love to give. 

It is okay to strangle one with a neck tie. It is alright to hit one with books or whatever things you find them handy. It is fine to cut other people hair any way you please. It is nothing to torture one mentally every single day. According to our beloved minister, the key is no visible physical injuries. Mental torture is no biggie.

Mr Minister, would you say the same thing if this happened to your daughter / son? Would you say nothing can be done since the victim is not physically hurt? I bet things must have turn the other way round! It must be hell to her to get bullied almost every single day. To me, that 13 years old girl is considered brave enough. She goes to school although she knows what awaits her there. I hope that God can give her courage to be strong enough to heal all her emotional scars. 

In my opinion, the real culprits are not the bullies. They can be stopped if the authorities pay attention to the problem. Ignorance of the authority contributes to it. To me, the one who should be taking all the blame is the school authorities. The main obstacle that is stopping the country from progressing is IGNORANCE. Take a look at the facilities reserved for the disabled people at shopping malls! There is even a flight of stairs located in front of the lane specially reserved for them. I've no idea what makes the authorities think the disabled people are able to go all the way up the stairs! 

It is time for a change in our attitude. We don't need another fancy building. What we need is justice for the victim. She deserves every right to be treated as an equal. There is no any other excuse for the school to hush up the case by asking her transfer to another school. 

PS: I'm just voicing out my opinion on my own ground. Sorry if I offended any of you. =)

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Anonymous said...

It is not the physical scars the victim sustained from those mean girls. It is the emotional scars she has sustained and how could these monsters be given a suspension for their misdeeds? Suspension is not enough and I also question whether the apology those mean girls issued is 110 percent sincere and genuine.

How could this Deputy Education Minister decide to issue a suspension only on those girls? I am not a parent or a school expert but these bullies need to undergo compulsory behavioural therapy as as well as compulsory community service. Secondly, they need to be punished by their parents by taking away their privileges and rights to access mobile phones and the Internet. Then again, if those mean girls had committed the bullying in Australia, they could have ended up with a criminal record each to her name on the spot (In Australia, bullying is now a crime according to the law)

What happened at that school is not just a wake up call for everyone but also it put the school in a very bad light in the eyes of the public, cyberspace and the media. Thanks for sharing and looks like I am not the only one who is concerned.