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Friday, May 14, 2010

Classic Horror Movie

There's a reason why I don't like to go to fun fair.

If you had watched this classic Hong Kong horror movie, you would have understand why.

The movie revolves around a cursed fun fair.

Fourteen years back, a little girl accidentally fell from the ferris-o-wheel due to sudden breakdown of the machine controlling the wheel.

Ever since that tragedy, there had been a lot of tragic accidents in the park. 

The fun fair had been forced to close down.

A group of teenagers decided to look for their friend's missing brother at this cursed fun fair. He was believed last seen at this place.

Neither do they know, once they set their feet in, they've inevitably embrace death...

My advice to you guys:

Dun ever watch it at N.I.G.H.T 


at A.L.L!

Although some of the scenes do look pretty fake to me, it still managed to scare me to death k?

I still remember all the scenes clearly as though I've just watched it even though it has been a year!


Wen Pink said...

eeee scary movie is not my type at all!! i wont be able to sleep at night after watching! haha..

Lemon said...

Finally I've found someone who dislike scary movie like me! High 5!! The only scary movie I find not scary is Scary Movie(pun not intended)! =P

FeeQ said...

Yea... i watch it too back then...really scary... the fun fair looks creepy and too dark...

Lemon said...

Imagine I watched it at the middle of the night... I can't sleep the whole night right after the movie. Hahax!

Biopolymath said...

Some watch the movie to be scared lol. But if you see the movie with a different perspective and ask yourself these questions, what if you were the girl victimized by the tragedy? Why would the girl wants to cause more accidents?

Lemon said...

Hmmm...I must say you do have a different perspective. Perhaps she caused more troubles to spice up the story plot? =P