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Monday, May 31, 2010

My New Pledge!

That's it!!

I swear by the name of Pamela Anderson's watermelons, I'm not going to watch horror movie again!!!

Despite my friend's warning, I decided to watch Nightmare on Elm's Street with a friend of mine even though I had a nightmare which consisted of three ghosts chasing me down the street last night!

This is how I watched the movie from the beginning to the end:

Tactic One: Cover my ears firmly with hands!!

Tactic two: Close my eyes tightly or divert my gaze to other places such as seats, floor, people and e.t.c

Now my ears are so damn painful from the pressure I applied for the past 1.5 hour! 

Can't believe I paid 9 bucks for getting myself a good scare! Lol.

I hope tonight I won't dream of the creepy and horribly disfigured man! 

Mum! Can I sleep with you tonight? ><

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