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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jay Chou or Robert Pattinson?

Jay Chou decided to include a twist of vampire plot in his new music video amidst the vampire fever that started by Twilight.

Check out his music video here!

Jay's video had caused a lot of controversy. There are criticisms which accused him as copycat of Twilight. 

As you can see, in his music video, there are two different vampires fighting for the same girl. Jay would transform into a vampire after he listen to the sound of piano. However, in Twilight, with or without the piano sound, Edward is still a vampire. The only thing that can tell him apart from human is he will glitter if he is exposed to sunlight. Jay claimed that his vampire story comes from his creativity and he did not plagiarize any idea from Twilight. In fact, one of his old song is about vampire too. 

Between Jay Chou and Robert Pattinson, I'm sure all the girls would gleefully expose their naked necks to the later. Of course I'm one of them. I've even fantasize about having a handsome vampire boyfriend! 

Girls, who do you prefer?

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