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Monday, May 24, 2010

Ten Random Facts About Lemon =)

1) I'm scared of ghost except Casper.

2) The reason why I always stop half-way while playing Ballade Pour Adeline is because I only know it half-way. =P

I feel so sorry towards Richard Clayderman!

3) Although I'm ( fill in the blanks ) years old this year, I have to hug my little  bolster to sleep. 

No, I do not, DO NOT suck my index finger to sleep if that answered your question.

4) Although I've often claim my distaste towards Taylor Swift in the public, I do like her songs secretly. Oh yeah, not forgetting her bouncy golden curls. 

Awwww, come on! Which blondie isn't pretty aside from Pamela Anderson?

5) I'm scared of having an appointment with dentist. If you want me to choose between scaling teeth, extracting my decayed tooth (if I've one) or eat poop, I'll rather eat poop than go through these torments. Tears of pain can't stop from welling up whenever I go for scaling. 

Note: After browsing through various pictures of "poop on plate" at Google, I've decided to change my mind. 

6) I suck at playing Pacman and Snake. 

Guess I'm just too "evolved" for these games. =P

7) I've always fantasize about having a vampire boyfriend. Thanks to Robert Pattinson. 

Even vampires seem to be hot nowadays! 
Again, thanks to Robert Pattinson.

8) I'm hopelessly addicted to Restaurant City. No, I think the better word should be "obsessed". I've even sign up a few Facebook accounts to have extra ingredients to trade among my restaurants. I'm the proud owner of three restaurants! Yeap, you hear it right, T.H.R.E.E! Can anyone help me to get rid of my obsession?

9) Here I am, going to answer the million dollar question:

Why do I call myself Lemon?

The truth is.....I don't really know why.

No, I don't have any special attachment towards lemon or any cuisine related to lemon. I just think it is cool to be called "lemon". Hmmm.....

10) Whenever a girl who wears dangerously low cut V-neck walked past me in mall, my eyes can't help to linger around her humongous boobs for a few nano seconds. 

Hey, I'm not a pervert!

They are the one who screamed in silent," Look at me! Look at me!!!" k?

That's all about the ten random facts! 


ohmywtf said...

its LEMON NO.2 :-P

Lemon said...

@ohmywtf: Welcome to the club! =)

Himmat Singh said...

oh this is about u....I though of the literal lemon....lolx

Lemon said...

@Himmat: My nick is "Lemon" what~ =P

greenteacarm said...

LOL XD HELLO lemon ^__^

Lemon said...

@greenteacarm: Hello hello!