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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Weird Old Lady

It happened when I was browsing through stacks of lip gloss for my mum at Watson.

I saw her.

A woman in mid sixties (maybe?) was busy scrutinising every eyebrow pencil in store.

I did not pay much attention to her until she approached me and asked me to move away so that she can use the mirror(the only mirror available is at Rimmel section).

Unobligingly, I gave her way and waited for her to finish testing the Silky Girl eyebrow pencil, so that I can continue my mini "survey".

The way she drew her eyebrow had caught my attention.

This is how she draws it:

Okie, I know my drawing sucks~!

After applied a thick layer of black on her eyebrow, she painstakingly used another brand eyebrow pencil to draw another thick layer of red on top of it.


Although I never use an eyebrow pencil before, I know people do not draw their eyebrows all the way to the side of their face. That is weird. Extremely weird indeed.

I dunno where in the world she get her beauty tips from but apparently she thinks this is perfect. She continuously thickened them, totally ignorant to the glare of the shop promoter who stood behind her.

Later I discovered that she works at Popular bookstore which is located just opposite to Watson.

I guess she must be a daily visitor to Watson. 

That is where she gets her free makeup.

Makeup, to me, it is suppose to enhance the beauty of a person and hide any flaw to remain unseen to the naked eye.

How could she screw up this terribly?


Mabel Low said...

I guess she must have gotten pretty bored doing it the usual way. So thought of trying out some 'creative art' on the brows? XD

j_fish said...

maybe that's the way her husband likes it. XD we never know...

Aidi-Safuan said...

hahahaa...thats why the shop promoter stare at her! everyday use the "free" makeup!

Lemon said...

Mabel: Lol, what a great idea she has!

j_fish: Maybe maybe, her hubby has a unique taste then!

Aidi: Haha, maybe they also want to be like her?