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Friday, May 21, 2010

The Girl Who Has It All

Aside gaining fame from the Harry Potter movies, Emma Watson has manage to grab a lot of attention (and earn an extra fortune) in the fashion world as well. 

She had been on cover for the British Elle magazine on August 2009, modelling for Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2009 campaign and Burberry's Spring/Summer 2010 campaign and even had a photo shoot for the Italian Vogue back in year 2008.

Emma and her younger brother posing for Burberry's Autumn/Winter 2009 campaign. Well, this picture is a solid proof that good genes ensure good looks run in the family. 

Burberry's Spring/Summer 2010 campaign

With the strong black eyeliner, Emma looks similar to Kristen Stewart, who is popularly known as Bella from the Twilight series. Personally, I think she carried this look much much more better than Bella! 

Emma Watson posed for the upcoming June issue of Vanity Fair.

She definitely looks so divinely beautiful! I like her photo shoot with Italian Vogue the best because the photos create a dreamy effect just like a fairy tale in real life. Lol. How nice if I were the girl in these pictures! 


Why does God has to be unfair at times?


Joyce said...

She really is awesome! :D I adore her gorgeous face, a very good model and actress. ♥.♥

Lemon said...

I agree with you. =)

+akufobia+ said...

suka gambar last.