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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Next Mika/ Mariah Carey Wannabe

Mariah Carey is a diva in everyone's heart.

No no no, it is not because of her...erm erm...! What I'm referring to is her ability to reach every high pitch easily! 

This is a compilation of Mariah Carey reaching all those impossible high notes. 

I always think that Mariah Carey is the only one who can sound like a dolphin until my friend pointed out I'm wrong about this. Mika can reach even higher notes than her!

This is Mika performing Grace Kelly.

Amazing isn't it? 

Anyway, I happen to know this person who can sing as well as or much much more better than Mika and Mariah Carey!

Too bad she had chosen to keep a low profile or else this person will be gaining fame in a blink of time!

Allow me to introduce

*drum roll*
*drum roll*
*drum roll*
*drum roll*


My falsetto doesn't work well at normal times.

It only performs its best when I'm taking a roller coaster ride or trying out the Solero shot at Genting theme park or exploring a haunted house!

And this is why Lemon decided to remain low profile to the world...



ohmywtf said...

haha..if u decided to come out with an album..let me know and i will support. :-P

Lemon said...

@ohmywtf: Thanks for your support! Now I know at least one of my album will be sold! =P

diva said...

nice blog and very atractive

cika said...

i hope u visite me back